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What Happens When You’re Tired Of Toughing It Out?

After working with me, my clients are anxiety-free, have no worries, and feel absolutely confident and in control 100% of the time.

Not exactly. (I wish, though!)

Yes, my clients still have anxiety, but it isn’t driving their lives anymore. Now they have strategies for dealing with it.

You know why? Because it isn’t a dirty little secret anymore. By putting down the hustle and the push of their lives, they know how to deal directly with their anxiety so it doesn’t have a drastic effect on their lives like it used to. They can recognize when their coping skills are running the show (e.g. perfectionism, people-pleasing, hustling) and make the necessary shifts to get out of “white-knuckling” mode.

The biggest change is that they feel more confident and in control. They aren’t looking outside of themselves for input all of the time or comparing their lives to others. And those Monger attacks? They aren’t quite as debilitating.

Why? Because they have learned to:

  • embrace their messy, imperfect, unique lives.
  • be heard and respected for who they are.
  • stop doubting themselves constantly.
  • not live in fear of people finding out they don’t always have it all together.
  • feel confident in their lives.

For so long you have hustled.

“Fake it until you make it” is a daily mantra for you.

Soldiering on is a way of life.

The truth is, being the go-to person, always striving for perfection, hustling and pushing at a feverish pace, has helped you keep your anxiety at bay. And now those behaviors just aren’t working anymore. Your anxiety keeps creeping in more and more. You see it in your kids, you see it at work, you see it in your relationship. It is permeating everything.

It is time to get honest with yourself. Show up for yourself. Allow yourself to really see yourself.

We have been taught that we are scary and need to protect the world from our needs, feelings, and desires.

It is time to be loyal to you, to take off the mask, face your anxiety, and become confident in who you are.

Live your life with more confidence, feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Stop ruminating, over-analyzing, and worrying “you will be found out.”

Recognize when anxiety has taken over the driver’s seat and know what to do next.

Let’s figure it out together.

Introducing Coach in Your Pocket

Coach in Your Pocket is a revolutionary way of working together. This methodology is perfectly designed for those with High Functioning Anxiety. It allows you to reach out to me 24/7 via an app called Voxer.

Imagine being able to reach a trusted, knowledgable expert in High Functioning Anxiety at any time of day, any day of the week. Imagine not having to wait until your scheduled session to vent, ask questions, get clarification, and celebrate victories. That is how Coach in Your Pocket works.

You can reach out to me anytime, 24/7, via the Voxer app and I will respond during my office hours, Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm. This type of work is a game-changer. Clients progress so much faster with this instant access.

“The level of support and responsiveness from this method of coaching with Nancy are extraordinary. Management of my anxiety has improved dramatically. I now feel very well understood, equipped with strategies to manage the symptoms and impact on a daily basis, and perhaps most surprisingly, closer than I’ve ever been to a mindset of acceptance and peace.  In terms of personal growth, progress, and improvement in my anxiety, this was much more than I expected, in the best of ways.”
— Thirty-something female

Why is Coach in Your Pocket so effective?

Instant access. People with High Functioning Anxiety often struggle with sharing their doubts, insecurities, and real feelings. So when we use the traditional model of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, a whole session can be wasted because you happen to be having a good day. Why? Because if you are feeling good that week, you may not want to go back to a time when you weren’t (even if it was just the day before).

With CIYP you can reach out to me anytime you are struggling or having an anxiety attack and I can walk you through it. It doesn’t have to fit into a certain schedule.

It is easier to share. No matter how kind, empathetic, and laid back I am, there can be something intimidating about coming into the office and sitting down across from a coach. With CIYP you are simply talking into your phone and leaving a message for me — so you can collect your thoughts, ramble on, or get in touch multiple times a day. There is so much more freedom.

Time. Let’s face it: time is a major factor. You might REALLY want to do coaching to help your High Functioning Anxiety but who has time to meet every other week? This methodology via Voxer allows you to chat any time. No scheduling, no babysitting, no explaining to your boss that you have to leave early. Nope, this is literally in your pocket.

Faster Relief. One of my favorite aspects of CIYP is the speed at which I see people transform. Because you can get immediate feedback, you can start changing patterns right away. So much of this work is repetitive, making changes in how you react to a variety of situations. Since you can reach me in the midst of an anxiety attack and start engaging with your self differently right away, your neural pathways start shifting much faster.

A mix of empathy and challenge. The biggest destroyer of shame is empathy. With this methodology, you can instantly take a Monger attack from an 8 to a 5 simply by reaching out and hearing someone on the other end offering kindness and empathy. Voxer messages allow you to vent what is happening and allows me to shower you with kindness and empathy while also helping you learn how to offer that to yourself.

You don’t feel so alone. High Functioning Anxiety is so isolating. You feel like you are the only one who experiences insomnia, constant ruminating, over-analyzing, doubt, and fear of “what if they find me out.” Trust me, you are not alone. I have dealt with these same things for years and have a deep understanding and passion for helping people build loyalty with themselves so their anxiety isn’t so overwhelming.

I am so surprised by the amount of general awareness of my feelings that I built in just a few weeks. Before I started using this method with Nancy, I would never spend a lot of dedicated time in between my in-person sessions to put some of the things we talked about into practice. It was difficult for me to be able to recognize things in real time.

Having this seemingly on-demand access to Nancy helps me build awareness around my feelings and manage my anxiety with real time feedback. And honestly, the mere fact that I can contact her anytime creates a feeling of awareness and reassurance that’s been invaluable.”
— Thirty-something female

How it works

Working with me is not your typical one-on-one session where you come to my office each week, we talk, and you go home. And then the next week we sit and talk and you go home, rinse and repeat ad nauseam. In fact, we don’t work that way at all. This is a full-contact program and a minimum 3-month commitment. Working with clients I have found three months allows them to recognize old coping strategies, build new ones, and practice these skills in the real world.

Month One:
We meet face-to-face for a 90-minute session. This can be done in my office in Columbus, Ohio, or via secure video chat. It gives us time to deep dive into your stories.

In this session, we can start to determine where your Monger is holding you back and where you are repeatedly getting stuck. The rest of the month we continue our work via the Voxer app and you can reach out to me anytime. I will reply to you as quickly as possible between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Friday.

You can Vox me daily (or as often as you like) to share when…

  • you have wins and successes.
  • your anxiety goes sky-high.
  • your anxiety is at a low buzz.
  • you are feeling restless and don’t know why.
  • you want my feedback or encouragement.

Month Two:
We continue our work via the Voxer app and you can still reach out to me anytime. As you practice the skills we are working on, you can leave a text message or a voice message anytime you have anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or have a Monger attack. I will reply to you as quickly as possible between the hours of 9am -6pm Monday-Friday.

We also meet face to face for a 90-minute session. This can be done in my office in Columbus, Ohio, or via secure video chat. This month we are continuing the work of recognizing old coping skills that no longer work and building new ones.

Month Three:
We continue our work via the Voxer app and with our live monthly 90-minute session either in my office in Columbus, Ohio, or via secure video chat. This month we are continuing the work of recognizing old coping skills that no longer work and building new ones.

In addition to appointments and unlimited access to Voxer you receive:

  • A copy of my book The Happier Approach.
  • A set of worksheets with a detailed video tutorial walking you through how best to use them.
  • Additional worksheets or resources, as needed.
  • Access to a secure portal where you can keep all of your worksheets and have unlimited access to them.

“It is extremely powerful to have professional advice and wisdom every single day. Being able to get support in real-time on anything you are worrying about or having panic attacks about or things that you struggle with daily has led me to managing my anxiety much better and helped me see what works best for me when I try to manage it. I found that it is just as—if not more—effective as one-on-one sessions.”
— Twenty-something female


Standard 3-Month Package: $997 or $332/month

This is more than just coaching. It’s life strategy.

This is more than just getting to the root and naming your triggers. This is about recognizing a trigger and knowing what to do about it once you see it.

This isn’t fluff. This is looking at yourself and your life differently.

It might get uncomfortable and it might be hard—and it will be so worth it.

We can’t get off the hamster wheel without a little introspection. You have to be prepared to transform your life. I keep my client load small so I can work closely with each of my clients and dive deep.

You’re a good fit if…

  • You are done trying to protect everyone from your anxiety and are ready to show up anxiety and all.
  • You are tired of the quick fixes. Thinking positive and being grateful are wonderful but they aren’t cutting it anymore.
  • Your old coping mechanisms (perfectionism, people-pleasing, and soldiering on) aren’t working anymore and you keep getting stuck in your old default patterns (over-indulging, beating yourself up, feeling out of control).
  • You suspect that there is something more and something deeper required to make your life work, but you just aren’t sure what it looks like yet.

This is not for you if…

  • You want a quick fix. My philosophy is all about making slow, gradual changes that last.
  • You only want to do the work while in a session. The key to this work is practicing it in the real world. If you aren’t willing to practice it, change won’t happen.

Let’s get started!

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