Be as loyal
to yourself as
you are to others


Here’s the thing: your perfectionism, people-pleasing, and tendency to compare to others are simply manifestations of your high functioning anxiety.

Your high functioning anxiety is NOT serving you. I can help you quiet the critical voice in your head so you can stop white-knuckling through life.

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You don’t need another talk on drinking more water or getting more exercise. You already know how to reduce your stress levels; the problem is that we’re all choosing not to. Let’s talk instead about how to really create change in ourselves and in our workplaces.

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Imagine if you finally stopped second-guessing yourself all the time and all that over-analysis was replaced with an inner knowing that “you’ve got this”. It might be messy, it might be unpredictable but your high functioning anxiety wouldn’t be running the show and you would have the confidence to handle whatever comes your way.

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