Be as loyal
to yourself as
you are to others


Here’s the thing: your perfectionism, people-pleasing, and tendency to compare yourself to others are simply manifestations of your high functioning anxiety.

Despite what you may think or want to believe, your anxiety is not serving you.

It’s time to quiet the critical voice in your head so you can stop white-knuckling through life.

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What is high functioning anxiety?

On the surface, you are the typical Type-A personality who excels at work and in life.

You are successful, driven, and always appear to be put together and calm.

But deep down, you are filled with worry, insecurity, and self-doubt—desperately trying to juggle all the things and keep all the pieces in place so no one sees your internal anxiety.

The worst part? You believe this constant anxiety and endless worry contribute to your success so you continue to power through no matter what.

But what happens when you’re tired of toughing it out?
Providing Support

What if you finally stopped second-guessing yourself all the time and all of your over-analysis was replaced with an inner knowing that “you’ve got this.”

If you could feel more confident and in control.

If you weren’t looking outside of yourself for input all of the time or comparing your life to others.

My signature program, Coach in Your Pocket, was specifically designed for people with high functioning anxiety and takes traditional coaching to an entirely new level.

With unlimited access to me, 24/7, you will get immediate support and guidance to help you recognize old coping strategies, build new ones, and practice those skills in the real world.

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Engaging Your Audience

You don’t need another talk on drinking more water or getting more exercise. You already know how to reduce your stress levels; the problem is that we’re all choosing not to. Let’s talk instead about how to really create change in ourselves and in our workplaces.

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