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Challenge The Voice In Your Head

We are paying too big of a price for success. Our minds are racing, we are constantly reviewing our to-do list, obsessing over our contribution to the world, looking externally for the next thing to concentrate on. Our lives are filled with frenzy and rather than getting to the finish line the treadmill just seems to be picking up speed.

Individually I help people with High Functioning Anxiety find themselves again. To finally be loyal to themselves, respect themselves, be kind to themselves and actually like who they are. I help them see that their coping mechanisms aren’t helping them fix their anxiety they are actually making it worse. The bottom line anxiety isn’t something to run from but something they can move through.  

As a speaker, I help organizations and businesses learn what is at the root of their stressed-out overwhelmed staff (and it isn’t get more sleep and take regular walks) It is listening to how they are talking to themselves and all the ways their Monger (inner critic) sabotages them and create extra work and drama in the workplace.

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Day Retreats


You are ready to get to the root of the matter and have individualized attention as you decrease your anxiety and overwhelm and FINALLY quiet that nasty voice in your head.  So you can fully enjoy your life and make decisions that leave you happier.

Want to get away, have some space, get a new perspective? Join me and a small group of like-minded women for a day-long intensive at a gorgeous retreat site just south of Columbus, Ohio with time for learning, reflection, and laughter.

Teaching is my passion. Using my book The Happier Approach, the A.S.K. philosophy and lots of humor I help audiences see stress in a different way. I would love to speak to your audience. Let me know how I can help.