EP 160: Successfully Navigating Decision Fatigue, COVID, and the Holidays with Michelle Florendo

As if navigating the holidays wasn’t already hard enough, 2020 has turned our holiday traditions on their head. 

In my family, we’re making some tough decisions about the holidays, and emotions are running high. We’ve already canceled our traditional Thanksgiving trip to Chicago to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins—and it looks like we’ll need to reimagine our Christmas as well, which has been pretty much the same my whole life. 

Making decisions this year has been hard. I’m sure you feel it, too. Do we have a holiday celebration with family? Do we travel? Do we stay home and have a virtual get together? Do we need to change how we do things at all? It’s tough and the decision fatigue is real. 

In a quest to make the holiday decision-making process as easy as possible (or at least a little bit easier), I wanted to talk with Decision Engineer and Coach, Michelle Florendo. 

Michelle specializes in helping people untangle messy decisions in life and work. After studying decision engineering at Stanford University, she spent the past 15 years helping hundreds of professionals use the principles of decision engineering to make decisions with less stress and more clarity.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How we make decisions 
  • How decision fatigue is a thing more than ever this year and how to deal with it to make life a little easier
  • Tips on dealing with all the emotions that come up around COVID and the holidays 
  • Ways to navigate the constantly changing information we’re getting around COVID
  • Why it’s important to honor the feelings that keep coming up and treating them as data 
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