Episode 142: Finding Freedom Through Our Personal Stories with Hillary Rea

In the self-help/personal development world, the idea of stories—and the stories we tell ourselves—is seen as a negative thing. 

The message is: if we were better people, then we would know all of our “stories”—and if we are honest about them, they wouldn’t get in our way and hold us back from living our full potential. 

Instead, we could change our limiting beliefs by simply “changing the story.” 

That phrase drives me crazy. As if it’s that easy to change your story! 

And while the self-help world might portray stories as a challenge to overcome or as an opportunity to rewrite, I have always seen it differently: stories are what make us the amazing, unique humans that we are. 

Today, I’m so excited to introduce Hillary Rea to you. She is a storyteller by trade and has a refreshingly different take on the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories we tell about ourselves to others, and the stories that others tell about us. 

Hillary is the founder of Tell Me A Story, a full-service communication consulting business that trains entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers to use the art of storytelling as a powerful communication tool. She is also the producer and host of Rashomon, a narrative storytelling podcast in which one family shares every side of the same story. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How our stories play a role in our lives and how Hillary has found that telling them NOT changing them is how we find freedom
  • How telling our stories helps us build self-loyalty which is key to dealing with our high functioning anxiety
  • Her love of storytelling and why it is so important to her and the larger world
  • What Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey might be lacking in and what Hillary teaches about the 5 facets of storytelling 

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