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Episode 070: 2 Tips to be More Productive (without your Monger)

These two tips are easy ways to bypass your Monger, bring in your Biggest Fan AND get more done. Win-win! Press  to Listen Transcript: Hey everyone I’m so excited to be here. This is episode 70: Two tips to increase your productivity without your Monger. You know I finally decided today that I’m going to own… Continue Reading

Episode 068: My Dad, Grief and Living Happier

 Today I am sharing my story about the loss of my Dad and my grief over the past few months.  It is something I haven’t talked about much, so I wanted to share what I have learned about grief. It was a hard podcast to record and hopefully will be helpful if you are dealing… Continue Reading

Episode 067: A Few Thoughts on the World Today

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the tragedy and trauma that has been in the news lately. I thought you might be too, so I wanted to share my thoughts on how we can navigate this time in a kind and productive way without getting caught up in fear and blame. Press  to Listen… Continue Reading

Episode 066: Counseling vs Coaching…What’s the Difference?

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about the differences between counseling and coaching. Today I attempt to answer those questions…if you have wondered what’s the difference…tune in and listen. Press  to Listen Transcript: Hi and welcome. You are listening to the Happiness Hacks Podcast, and I’m your host, Nancy Jane Smith.  This is… Continue Reading

Episode 065: You Don’t Need to Make Yourself Small

Recently someone said to me “I am done making myself small for people.” It struck me how often we do this and how it is linked to the way we talk to ourselves.  Are you making yourself small in your life? Tips to show up in your life fully. Press  to Listen Transcript: Hi and welcome.… Continue Reading