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Episode 091: What is Scarier Praise or Criticism?

Frequently when we refer to our Monger (inner critic) coming out to play it is in response to criticism, but she also gets loud when we are being praised too much! What is that about and what can you do about it? Press  to Listen Transcript: Hey gang, very excited as always to be back, welcome… Continue Reading

Episode 090: Can’t Love Yourself? Practice Being Kind

For years I use to teach the common advice that you need to love yourself. And then I realized that the key to loving myself was to practice being kind to myself one act at a time. Press  to Listen Transcript: Hello, my friends. I am excited to be back and recording with you. We’ve done a… Continue Reading

Episode 089: Making the Beast Beautiful

Recently I read the book First, We Make the Beast Beautiful A New Journey Through Anxiety by Sarah Wilson. And I can’t say enough good things about it. Today I explore 5 of Sarah’s cruel ironies when it comes to living with anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety or know someone who does, I know… Continue Reading

Episode 088: Are you a BFF, Biggest Fan, or a Monger?

A different look at The Happier Approach characters not just how we talk to ourselves but how we interact with others. Which character are you? How do you interact with those around you? Press  to Listen Links: The Happier Approach Book Like the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher Transcript: This is Episode 88.… Continue Reading

This Isn’t Just About The Stigma of Mental Illness

This week my heart was heavy after the suicides of 2 famous people and the release of the CDC report saying suicide rates are at an all-time high. I did what I always do when my heart is heavy, I wrote. It is time for a revolution. Press  to Listen Essay: This week we lost 2… Continue Reading