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Episode 095: Feeling Invisible

So many of my clients talk about feeling invisible. The issue isn’t that they aren’t showing up in their lives or that they don’t feel seen. The problem is they feel seen not for themselves but for how they SHOULD be performing. Do you agree? Listen and let me know. Special Note: Listen carefully around… Continue Reading

Episode 094: Lessons Learned in Iowa

In early August my Mom and I  took a trip to visit friends in Iowa. The trip brought me so many ah-ha’s about life priorities and living happier I wanted to share a few of the lessons I learned.  Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave a review Transcript: Hey friends. I… Continue Reading

Episode 093: Anxiety and Acceptance

This week’s podcast came out a little late, listen to find out why. Sharing my own ‘default patterns’ and how slowly but surely we can change them.   Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave a review Live Happier Day Retreats Transcript: Hey, everyone. Today I want to talk about anxiety and acceptance.… Continue Reading

Episode 091: What is Scarier Praise or Criticism?

Frequently when we refer to our Monger (inner critic) coming out to play it is in response to criticism, but she also gets loud when we are being praised too much! What is that about and what can you do about it? Press  to Listen Transcript: Hey gang, very excited as always to be back, welcome… Continue Reading