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Why Gurus Keep Us Stuck: The Cycle of Hope and Shame

This weekend I finally watched Tony Robbins I am Not a Guru on Netflix. The movie is a profile of one of his events, recorded in 2014, and paid for in part by Tony Robbins (so not exactly an exposé but more of a promotional video). I remember in the early 1990s fresh out of… Continue Reading

Episode 101: Bonus Episode The Challenge of Positive Thinking

I decided to record 7 bonus episodes while I am working on the new iteration of my podcast. These are my favorite episodes and we kick it off today with #7 looking at positive thinking and how it can keep you stuck. Press  to Listen Transcript: Hi, and welcome. You are listening to the Happiness Hacks… Continue Reading

Episode 100: Looking Back My Favorite Episodes

Today I am celebrating Episode 100!  Yippee!!  I am looking back on my top 7 episodes and giving you some behind the scene look at what I was feeling/thinking as I recorded them and a bit of back story.  Also sharing what is coming next for Happiness Hacks and why my Monger has been so… Continue Reading

Episode 099: The Curse of “I’m Fine”

This week I had an ah-ha when I noticed I was stressed to the max but was telling myself ‘everything is fine.’ My body was screaming stress, and my anxiety was in full force, but my mind was trying to convince me it was no big deal. This is a classic pattern of High Functioning… Continue Reading