You Can't Do it Alone

You Can't Do it Alone

Today we are on Number 6 of my 7 part series on How to Find the Work that Makes your Heart Sing–the second to last tip.

So far you have learned about :
Busting Out of Your Rut
Treating Your Life Like a Mystery Novel
Having A LOT of Self Compassion
Getting Creative
Facing your Fear

Today’s tip is You Can’t Do it Alone.

Bottom line you need other people to help you achieve the work that makes your heart sing.  You need support, connection, and contacts.

You need people who… 

  • debate ideas with you.
  • challenge you.
  • support you no matter what. 
  • make you laugh.
  • give you new ideas.
  • think outside of the box.
  • are practical.
  • have great connections.
  • know where the jobs, resources, next steps are.

You might have a different person for each role or you might have one or two people that fit each quality.  The point is you NEED these people to help you get to the place where you are Working and Living Happier.  Without people we are just isolated in our goal.

I have found, hands down, this is one of the hardest tips to follow for my clients (and myself!). Reaching out to people, sharing our dreams, fears, and needs is challenging.  So take baby steps, open up a little at a time–start with the ‘safe’ people you can trust with your dreams:  friends, partners, family. Then slowly start expanding your group to acquaintances, friends of friends, people in the community.  I know most people love to help, they love to support people in following their dreams and when you find someone who doesn’t…move on, quickly!!

So reach out, take a risk.  Today, pick one person and share your dreams, share what you need.  Ask.