Work Happier Spotlight: Tara Sophia Mohr

Today I am so excited to bring you my first ever audio Work Happier Spotlight.  An interview with Tara Sophia Mohr.  Tara is a life coach and writer, I have been following her blog Wise Living for awhile now and I find it extremely inspirational.

Tara has an interesting background–getting a degree in Poetry and from Yale and then her MBA from Stanford she brings a wonderful combination of the mystical and the practical into her work.

In the interview we discuss the power of fear in our lives as well as the issue of playing small vs. playing big.  The interview is packed full of great information and also was a great challenge to the perfectionist in me to just go with it when glitches arose–you will hear what I mean.

Speaking of playing big–Tara is getting ready to launch a fantastic program called–Playing Big–which I am totally excited to be taking participating in.  You can too!  By clicking here.

Find out more about facing your fears, the power of the fear monger and Tara’s new on-line course by clicking the play button below.

Click below to listen–the interview runs about 25 minutes.

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