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Wondering Wednesday What makes your heart sing?

In the spirit of following our hearts, living our lives with passion and letting go of the voice that says we are selfish, today’s Wondering Wednesday question is what makes your heart sing?  What makes you absolutely giddy?  What causes you to get up off the couch and lose track of time for hours at a time?  It could be something as small as reading a good book to teaching students the quadratic equation.  Whatever it is the first step is to name it, then pay attention to what it feels like when you engage in it, figure out what you specifically enjoy about it and finally figure out how to add more of it to your life!!

The more we engage in activities that make our heart sing obviously the happier we are in our lives.  Duh–it seems so simple, but in reality even though we know this principle we have a hard time implementing it.  Life gets in the way…we get tired… beaten down… busy with other things… and we forget what it felt like to be engaged in life from the heart.  We forget the utter joy that comes from living with passion.  For most of us we only allow this feeling when we are on vacation–maybe you allow yourself to get lost in a really good mystery novel, or you spend hours studying the modern art in a museum, or your could swim for hours with the fish.  We all know the feeling…and we deny ourselves that joy.

Once I started paying attention to what makes my heart sing and adding it to my life–I stopped saying to myself I SHOULD be happy–because it was then that I knew what made ME happy and I started to figure out how to implement.  And still to this day after years of practicing, I get caught up in my to do list or my SHOULDs and I have to remind myself to get back to basic and go back to what I love.  I sometimes have to physically pull myself off my treadmill (and thankfully have good friend who will pull me off too) and start adding ‘heart singing activities’.

It is all a process and the process starts with naming;  What makes your heart sing??  Feel free to share it in the comments section below–I’ll go first!

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