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Wondering Wednesday: What Makes You Smile?

Photo credit to D. Sharon Pruitt

Today for Wondering Wednesday we are going back to basics.  Take a deep breathe (or 2 or 3) and think about the last time you genuinely smiled.  What were you doing?  Think about all the activities, people, hobbies, work or interests that you engage in throughout the day/week/years and pay attention to those that make you smile.  A true genuine, feel it in the pit of your stomach smile–not the fake, smile until you make it smile, but a real smile.  I’m just asking for a smile here, not a full out giddy celebration just a smile.  What makes you feel better about life? What touches you to the point it can be seen on your face?  What allows you to relax enough that your expression change?

Maybe it is playing in the surf and sand, hanging with certain friends,  thinking about a loved one, crawling into a warm, soft bed, curling up with a good book and a glass of wine, working out, doing yoga or just feeling the warm sun on your face.

The beauty of this question is it makes us more aware of our bodies, our joy and our life happiness.  When you start paying attention to what makes you smile, you can A. start enjoying those times more and being more aware of them and B. start adding more ‘smiling’ time into your day to day life.

Smiling is a gift we give ourselves and those close to us.  It is contagious and joyful.  Smiling makes us live and work happier 🙂

So what 5 things make your smile?  Share them in the comments….I’ll go first.

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