Wondering Wednesday: What are your unique gifts?

Wondering Wednesday: What are your unique gifts?

Thanks to Dr. Keats for the cool photo!

Today is a writing day for me. Every couple of weeks I take a day to not see clients and just write/catch up on paperwork etc. To be honest it hasn’t been a very productive work day–I have had a writers/creativity block all day. So I have spent the day paying bills-cleaning the kitchen and debating with my nearest and dearest how to ease the temporary flood in our back yard.

I knew when I started out the day reading Facebook/scanning other blogs and watching Ted.com–I was in trouble. I have this challenge of comparing myself to other people and the negative messages fly through my head taking up much of the afternoon. Until I stumbled upon Malcolm Gladwell speaking on pasta sauce (see ted.com isn’t all bad). You can watch the entertaining/inspiring video below.

While watching Malcolm regale the audience with information about the secret to selling pasta sauce I was reminded of a key component to happiness–celebrating our uniqueness.  It is a component that gets lost when I start comparing myself to other people, or when my self talk includes more ‘shoulds’ than ‘wants’. It is when I am celebrating my uniqueness, using my own strengths,sharing my own story and writing my own lessons that I feel best about my work as a writer and a therapist.   I was reminded of the  a simple concept–we are all unique and there is no right way to happiness!

I was struck by how often in my office clients come in not having any ideas about their unique gifts and views. Inevitably every one of my clients says, “I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life” or some form of that statement.  And inevitably after a session or two their unique gifts start to appear, and they start to look at themselves through different eyes.  They start to see themselves not as the image that has been crafted in their head by parent, teachers, friends, family or co-workers, but as a unique individual with special values, talents, goals and ambitions. Fortunately, it is my job to create a safe place for that uniqueness to take shape and be expressed.

Unfortunately in our society, uniqueness is not celebrated.  We try to encourage it but honestly life is simpler if we all just get along and go along.  If we all just conform to the ‘norm’ it involves a lot less thinking, a lot less awareness a lot less time and a lot less happiness.  When we just ‘go along’ do what we think we SHOULD do versus what appeals to our gut, we sell ourselves and our talents short and we become a shell of who we really could be.

Which brings me back to my writers block…this am as I scanned the blogs, obsessed about what all the successful people were doing on Ted.com and generally just hammering myself silly–I realized I wasn’t celebrating my uniqueness…my talents…my callings.  I was too busy comparing myself to other people.  When I stopped doing that, allowed myself some freedom to express myself this post came forth (and so did a few others…. to be posted soon).  So today I ask you–what are your unique gifts?  What do you want to express to the world (or maybe just to your neighborhood)?  Let’s start sharing our gifts and living and working happier in the process!!!

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