Wondering Wednesday on Thursday: What is your Fear Monger saying to you?

Due to colds, weather, new computers and a variety of other excuses we are going to pretend that today is Wednesday instead of Thursday.  So today’s Wondering Wednesday on Thursday is What is your Fear Monger saying to you?  I have talked about the Fear Monger before.  The Fear Monger is that little voice inside your head that tells you “you can’t do _______, that ‘s too hard, you are too stupid, you are too poor, you are too old and on and on and on”  You Fear Monger takes residence in your head and just plays an unconscious script of all the things you can’t do.

Step one in defeating the Fear Monger is noticing what it  is saying to you.  What messages is it repeating over and over in your head.  When we start to take the Fear Monger out of the unconscious and bring it into the open we can be more successful in overcoming it. The glitch is noticing these messages and slowly changing them is an ongoing process, one that requires awareness and patience.

One reason I am so passionate about taking on the Fear Monger is because my personal battles with the Fear Monger have been challenging and life changing.  By taking on my Fear Monger I have experienced many wonderful adventures, relationships and activities.  My life has been more rich and full because I have taken on the Fear Monger.  I haven’t defeated the Fear Monger completely, she still comes around (she has been pretty pesky this week to be honest) but now I know how to bring her out in the open and diffuse her much faster then in the past.  I know from first hand experience taking on the Fear Monger  requires diligence and patience.  I also know from first hand experience if we don’t begin to ask ourselves the question what is the Fear Monger saying to me? we will live unconscious lives.  We will not be live happier, we will not be able to find lives that make our hearts sing because we will be trapped in self doubt, insecurity and fear.

So today pay attention to what your Fear Monger is telling you?  Feel free to share it in the comments section below–I’ll go first!  Have a fabulous Wondering Wednesday on Thursday 🙂

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