Why Strive to Work and Live Happier?

Lately I have been thinking why is it I do what I do? Why should all of you, lovely readers, be looking for a career that makes your heart sing and a life that makes your filled with joy? So here it is: my manifesto (if I can be so bold) on why we all should be striving to Work Happier and Live Happier

Life is too short. Yes, sometimes the days seem long and we are all tired, exhausted and depleted. But in reality-life is short, we are honestly here one minute and gone the next. The other day I was driving by a cemetery and started thinking about all the tombstones, representing all the stories, dreams, hopes, and desires of the individuals buried there. On those grounds, lie brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters and sons who have blessed this earth with their presence and left wives, children, grand-children and great-grand-children. They too were burdened by the stresses of daily life and just trying to put one foot in front of the other. But I am sure they would agree, life comes and go so fast. Do you want to be stuck in a job that depletes you and live your life numbing out to TV, video games and Facebook? OR do you want to be living a life that engages your gifts, showcases your values and generally feeds your soul?

It’s why we are here. I believe we are all here to express our unique selves. In my belief, that it is both our obligation and our birth-right to celebrate and learn as much about ourselves as possible and share that with the world. Whether you gift is to run a multi-million dollar corporation or make really good apple pie! It doesn’t matter what your unique talent is, the point is if you aren’t engaged in life-those around you don’t get to experience your fabulous gifts. If you are stuck in job you hate and spending your time doing activities you despise, you aren’t sharing your greatness with the world. I believe when we start interacting with the world by searching for the activities that feed our soul and celebrating them, the world gives back to us through energy, love and even finances–yes I said it finances. Maybe not a TON of finances, maybe we have to get creative, but we can make a living doing the what we love. We each have a unique purpose. The journey of life is about finding it and discovering the best possible way to share that with the world.

We all have choices. Sometimes we need to get creative. I admit one of the hardest parts about my job is when a client comes in and says I know what I want to do but based on my life choices I can’t do it. I want to be own a restaurant but I also have 3 kids under the age of 15 that I want to spend time with and earn enough money to send them to college. Inevitably, I spend a session or two explaining the beauty of creativity and choices. A. we need to figure out what are your long term dreams B. what are your short term needs C. How can we combine the two to make life in the present more bearable while also helping you achieve the long term dream. So many of us are too afraid to ask the question, What is my purpose? Because we are too afraid that we won’t be able to achieve the dream. But in my view, the point of life is to ask the tough questions, get creative on the answers and end up living a life that is more full and complete. We can chose to live a life that expresses our values, interests, passions and joys or we can chose to remain small allowing dead end jobs, activities or relationships suck the energy from our live so we are merely surviving our lives rather than live it.

It’s all about Spiraling Up. If we aren’t moving forward we are stagnant and stale. I know so many people who have refused to ask the tough questions, refused to make any changes, refused to take any risks. And their lives have remained empty, full of sadness, blame and manipulation. The journey, isn’t an easy one but better to be on the journey then stuck in a pool of depletion, defeat and fear. I don’t care if you life dream is to own a bed and breakfast, be on Oprah or make the best tasting lasagna, the bottom line is if we aren’t chasing our dreams we aren’t living.

Bottom line–Life is Messy. It is a rich, layered, multi-faceted and dynamic. It is full of joy, fear, doubts, happiness, laughter, tears, insecurity and sheer bliss. When we get off the couch and out of our ruts we can start figuring out the career, activities and people that feed our soul. Then we can get creative on how to add more of these dynamic energies into our lives. I am not guaranteeing a life of sheer bliss if you start striving to work and live happier. I AM guaranteeing a life that is more vibrant, colorful, cherished, witnessed and expressed.

The question isn’t: Why would you strive to Work and Live Happier? The question is: Why Wouldn’t you?

Thanks to Pink Sherbet Photography for the wonderful vibrant photo!