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Why Staying in the Wrong Job Isn’t Always Right

Over the past few Wednesdays I have been debunking the reasons we give ourselves to stay in an unfulfilling job.  These reasons include: money, what if I am wrong, the need for status, and wanting stability.  There are countless others, reasons we give ourselves not to move forward, to stay stuck.
Basically the point of the past few Wednesday has been to get you thinking about the reasons you tell yourself it is ok to be counting down for the weekend, to dread getting up each morning.  We all have reasons and we need to honor these reasons.  However, we also need to find ways around them, through them, over them.  The glitch comes in when these reasons become excuses, when they become the jail cell that keep us trapped in mediocrity.

The reason I started this series was because many of my clients were coming into my office wanting to make a change, to find a career that made their heart sing.  Unfortunately, much of their time was spent coming up with justifications as to why they were still in the wrong job for them.  It is my job to help clients recognize they are stuck in justification mode and start encouraging them to go exploring.  To start exploring how to work happier within the limitations their lifestyle, family, life situation present.  To develop creative ideas and new ways of looking at their lives so they can move out of the wrong job into a life that makes their heart sing.

Unfortunately not all of us can  quit our job today because we are unhappy.  However, I am asking you to take a good hard look at yourself and ask yourself are you legitimately coming up with ways around your reasons in staying in the wrong job or just using them as justifications for staying stuck?
All that is required is a little honesty, a little creative thinking/problem solving, and the desire to live a life that makes your heart sing.  You don’t have to be miserable, you don’t have to moan every time the alarm clock goes off signaling it is time to go to work. Simply by putting one foot in front of the other we can come up with a different way, a way that brings your joy and happiness.  You CAN Work Happier and Live Happier but first you have to move from the land of justification to the land of creative thinking.