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Who is in Your Tribe?

As a response to yesterday’s post on Loneliness.  I thought it might be helpful to think about who makes up our tribe.  Who are the people that we lean on? That we can go to when time’s get tough or when we have something to celebrate?

This weekend we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. For some people believe this holiday is merely a torture mechanism to realize they are not in a relationship or their partner isn’t as romantic as the people on the Kay Jewelers commercial.  But I think this holiday give us a chance to celebrate our tribe.

What is a tribe?  A tribe is the group of people we have in our small part of the universe that helps us get through life.  Our tribe consists of our life partners, friends, children, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, co-workers, ministers, grocery clerks, mechanics, and teachers.  All those people who help support us and make our lives easier.  We might interact with them daily or weekly or yearly.  Regardless they are the people that help us Live Happier. They are the people who impact our lives in big and little ways. They are the people we should be honoring on Valentine’s Day.

We can’t do it alone–without our tribe we would be sunk.  So this Valentine’s Day–make a list of all the people who impact you and send them a little love.