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What Makes Your Life Worth Living?

Frequently we get stuck in the mind frame of I’ll be Happy When Syndrome.  We get stuck in forward thinking, planning for a big event or looking for what’s next.  When we live our lives constantly ‘counting down’ to the next big fun thing in our life we miss all the little fun things that happen on a daily basis. We miss the little things
Yesterday a friend of mine posed a question to me that made me say, “hmm”  So today I am posing the question to you: What makes life worth living?  What on a daily basis makes it worth it for you, to put one foot in front of the other and engage in life?
The amazing thing about this question is for each person it will be unique.   I challenge you to really ASK it and be specific.  I assume a lot of people might say family. What about your family makes them so special?  The way they make you laugh?  The ages of your children?  The conversations over dinner?  
Or would you say your career.  What about your career?   The way it makes you feel? The success you are achieving?  The fact that you are doing something you love (for the most part)? Or is it that it pays the bills so you can spend your free time engaging in amazing activities?
Or maybe it is friends.  What about your friends?  The fact you can count on them no matter what? The fact they are game for anything?  The laughter you experience with them?

I challenge you to go beyond the basics and get specific with it.  For me when I really answer the question it is a combo of the big things and the little things–it is of course my family, my friends, my career but more specifically it is: crawling into a freshly made bed with clean sheets, the greeting my dog, Mocha, gives me first thing in the morning, watching an amazing sunset, having a glass of wine with a friend while having a really great conversation, having a nice dinner with my parents, scheduling a ‘spa day’ with my mom, watching my nearest and dearest laugh, being able to take walk in the middle of the day just because it is sunny and 65.  I could go on and on but THAT is the beauty of this question–there are 50,000 things that make YOUR life worth living.  The challenge is finding them and recognizing them on a daily basis.
So, what makes your life worth living?