What Makes you Come Alive??

Don’t ask what the world needs,
Ask what makes you come alive, 
and go do it!
Because what the worlds needs 
is people who come alive!!!’
–Howard Thurman

Someone shared this quote with me recently and it actually gave me chills.  This is what I believe ultimately helps us work and live happier: doing what makes us come alive!  What does that feel like? you might be asking yourself.  Or maybe you are wondering have I ever really felt alive doing anything? I would argue you have, either you haven’t noticed it or you haven’t given yourself permission to enjoy the feeling of aliveness.  

What does alive feel like?  Alive feels different for different people.  But from my experience and the unofficial reports of clients and friends,  when you are engaging in a passionate activity you feel excited, peaceful, comfortable, easy, genuine.  Many times we need other people to point out to us that we come alive when we are engaged in a certain activity.  I have a friend who is a teacher and when she talks about teaching and her crazy day, even though she might be venting and a tad bit annoyed, her face lights up, her speech is quick and light, the stories she shares are a mix of frustration and utter joy.  She feels alive when she is teaching.  Or I know for myself when I am out in the garden, working in the dirt, pulling weeds, planting flowers, time just seems to fade away.  There is this calming peace that floods over me and I feel alive and connected.

Giving yourself permission.  It is my belief we all have activities that make us come alive.  And when we are engaging in those activities we are giving back to the world.  When we are doing the activity that makes us feel alive, we are more joyful, in touch, peaceful and intune with yourself and the world around us.  Being alive allows us to be the best we can be and therefore make the world the best it can be.  PLUS when we are engaging in an activity that fills us with passion we are engaging our inner spirit, our intutive selves.  We are living from a place of wholeness and passion.  That is the definition of working and living happier.  

So this week pay attention to the activities that make you feel most alive.  Listen to those around you describing their day/activities and watch for signs of when they come alive, when they are most passionate.   What makes you come alive?  What does being alive feel like? Do you agree with the quote above?

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