What Comes Next?!?!?

What Comes Next?!?!?

One of the most often used phrases when I initially talk to clients is “I am trying to figure out what comes next“.  The ‘what comes next’ phrase is used frequently in my line of work.  That is why clients come to see me–they are stuck in indecision trying to figure out ‘what comes next’.

It is my belief that in order to get unstuck, make a decision and figure out what comes next, we need to know what we value.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that naming your values is the crux of my work.  In fact, I have a free guidebook (ironically called, the What Comes Next Guidebook) that is all about naming your values.  I have all of my clients name and define their top 5 values.  I believe when we can name what is most important and what we place the highest priority on we can live a life that is both more intentional and easier.  When we know what ideas, things, people are hands down at the end of the day something we won’t move forward without, we know how to make better decisions.

Let’s face it life doesn’t always go as planned–let me rephrase that life rarely goes as planned. Situations happen, tragedies occur, opportunities strike and we are forced to make a decision.  These decisions become so much easier when we know what is most important, when we know what we value.  I use this exercise all the time with clients when we are debating which career fits best–we take a look at the career and then we take a look at what they value.  If a particular career won’t enable that which is the highest priority to flourish then that career isn’t for that particular client.

Lately, I have found this exercise particularly useful in my own life.  Events have occurred outside of my control, last minute changes happen, things come up and each day seems to bring a new surprise/situation.  As I navigate through this new territory, the question ‘what comes next?’ comes up more and more frequently for me so I have called up on my values more than ever.

Whenever I have a decision to be made about how to spend my time, how to prioritize or how to move forward…I think about my values.  And I quickly get a sense of clarity and calm, it brings me back to, yes, in the midst of all the stuff that is happening around you—these 5 things are THE MOST IMPORTANT.  When I stay true to these 5 things, everything else falls into place and I know what move to make next.

 It is easy to get muddied up with what other people value, what we think we SHOULD value, or what we are told to value.  It is when we make decisions from our soul, from a place of rootedness and groundedness, that we will have comfort.  We will know that no matter how shaky the world becomes around us, we can operate out of a sense of peace and  comfort, knowing we are moving forward making choices based on what is the highest priority to us.

What to figure out what is most important to you?  Sign up for my What Comes Next Guidebook to get started on naming your top 5 values and begin the process of figuring out what comes next.

Thanks to Bilal Kammon for the very cool photo!!