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What Activities Bring You the Most Energy?

I confess I have been lax on my question of the week blog posts.  So today is another question of the week:  What activities give you the most energy?
Last night I was talking to a friend of mine who was sharing her day and the victory she had experienced as a result of her work with a group she is active in.  She had gone out on a limb and asked an author whom she respected and loved if he would be willing to speak for the group. Yesterday, she actually spoke to the author and he agreed to come to the event.   Now she is responsible for helping organize the event, bring the speaker in, and gather attendees.  To say she was excited would be an understatement, she was thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed.  Laughingly, she said to me, “You know, you might be on to something with this passion thing bringing you energy, I haven’t felt this energetic in months”.  We both laughed but she preceded to go on telling me how she had never really seen it in action the idea that doing what makes your heart sing can give you more energy.
I believe it is because we are more in connection with ourselves when we are doing what we love.  We are firing on all cylinders.  We are gathering energy from within and because we are doing what we love, people are responding to us in our external world as well.  Basically the energy is coming from everywhere.  I know the days I am in my office writing and seeing clients I end the day with way more energy then the days I am just catching up on paperwork.
Along the same vein, I read this wonderful post by Jen Curran on working a job that is just ‘good enough’.  She shares her story about her job, that she has now left, that wasn’t miserable or painful, but it wasn’t giving her energy.  It wasn’t adding to her life, it just was.  When you are living from a place that makes your heart sing–life isn’t constantly rainbows and sunshine.  However, it IS full of truth, passion and energy.
So I ask you where do you get the most energy?  What activities do you notice you leave with more energy?  What activities do you leave with less?