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Wedding Planning and Life Lessons

I apologize for the pause in blog posting.  Life has been a blur of working, wedding preparations, and traveling.  The bulk of that being wedding prep–we are a little more than a month away from our wedding and to say I am feeling overwhelmed by it all would be an understatement.  Wedding planning has been a true test for me in practicing what I preach with my clients and I wanted to share a few things I have confirmed and discovered along the way:

Living by your values requires constant reassessment:  From the very beginning we were clear what we wanted with our wedding–we knew we wanted a celebration that uniquely expressed us, we wanted our friends and family to feel important, we wanted our vows to be a serious memorable time and we wanted to have fun laid back party including swimming and dancing (and not just regular dancing but bust a move, sweat through your shirt dancing). Throughout the process I can’t count the number of times I have turned to my nearest and dearest and said “does this fit the vision?” We have constantly reassessed and made sure that each decision fits into the final vision.  So too with life we need to be constantly evaluating and checking-in that we are on the right path, living our vision and doing small and consistent activities to fulfill the long term goals.

Flexibility is key:  Although we have consistently kept to the vision there are a few things I said, ‘no way’ to initially that are now a part of the ceremony.  Either because they were important to someone involved or because they added to the ‘flow’ of the event.  I have been surprised at the amount of flexibility and adjustment that has been needed in planning one event.  As in life, surprises happen, life throws stuff at us all the time and we need to flow and sway with what happens.  These adjustments and changes were made easier because I knew we had the big vision, we had our core values and even though the changes might not have fit my initial ideas, they didn’t upset the big vision.  Which is why I encourage all my clients to know their values, because then as life throws road blocks and new ideas at us, we can adjust accordingly based on our values.

Don’t take it too seriously.  This is a BIG one for me–I tend to be a bit intense, perfectionist and type A so letting go and not getting caught up on details is a bit of a challenge for me.  Fortunately my nearest and dearest is always there to balance me out and remind me “does this really matter?”.  Yet another reason why the big vision is so important to me because when I catch myself spinning out over programs or center pieces I can remind myself of what is most important and move on.  As is true in life sometimes we get so caught up in the details and the drama we forget what is most important, our big vision, our values.

So stay tuned for more updates and also to hear about some of the awesome Work Happier events I have coming up this summer post-wedding.

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