The Moments of And

The Moments of And

AND, it is such a lovely word, all encompassing, inclusive.  Over the past couple of years, I have changed the way I talk to include AND more often.  I love you AND I am hurt that you didn’t call.  I am unhappy in my career AND I know it pays the bills.

In using AND more often I believe we open ourselves up to the possibilities of both.  I have also noticed, that as humans we don’t like holding both, the messy place of I want to go back to grad school AND I am scared to death of that change.  Is hard.

We want things to be packaged neat and tidy.  We want to believe that once I make a change or once I make a decision, the hard part is over.  Unfortunately, not my friend, that is when the messy begins.  Moments of AND happen all the time in our lives.

  • I need to get some work done AND I need to catch up on my sleep.
  • I need to workout AND I am behind on work.
  • I am sad about the break up AND I know it was the best thing for me.
  • I want to figure out what comes next in my life AND I am totally exhausted right now.
  • I am happy about all the changes in my life AND change is stressful.

We have AND’s all the time.  Holding them both is the challenge.  Because bottom line it is hard to feel two contradictory emotions at one time!!  AND the more awareness we can bring to how often those moments happen in our lives, the more space we give to both truths, the more we can allow emotions to surface, the happier we will be

In my opinion, true growth comes in the Moments of And.  When we learn how to recognize the beauty in both. When we are start getting comfortable with the messy.  When we begin to make space for two completely separate truths that is when we start to see life for what it truly is: a fun, challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, joyous. terrifying ride!!

What are some of the Moments of And in your life??