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The Beauty of the Reframe

My nearest and dearest and I have a wonderful little schedule I get up early and do my morning routine, have my coffee, read the paper and ease into my day.  Then usually I get an hour or so of work in before he makes his way downstairs to begin his day.  Occasionally he will surprise me by waking up with me and shaking up my morning routine.  This morning was one of those mornings, and my ability to shift and change wasn’t quite there.  I love my husband, I love spending time with him AND I love my morning routine.  So I confess I was a little discombobulated this morning.

Then randomly, I looked over and I say my nearest and dearest sitting on the couch, coffee in hand with our cat, Pooh stretched out beside him, both looking so cute and comfortable.  And I thought to myself, wow how lucky are you, to have a husband who wants to get up with you and start the day with you, who wants to hear about your life, who supports you and loves you. He just woke up early and was excited to have coffee with me, he wasn’t trying to ‘get in my way’ or ‘mess up my morning routine’ he was just being my wonderfully impulsive, no particular routine nearest and dearest. I admit, I got a little teary with gratitude, and a little ashamed of my original discombobulation. But after that reframing, I walked over and gave my husband a kiss and went on with my day…feeling gratitude.

Reframing:  Seeing a situation through another lens, from another angle.  One of the keys to living and working happier is reframing. Unfortunately, reframing doesn’t always come that easily…it takes a little intention, and awareness.  Reframing requires us to be aware that we are upset, angry or annoyed and then it requires us to intentionally look at the situation from another person’s lens.  When we are open to seeing a situation differently, open to letting go of our annoyance, open to a new perspective, situations become easier, relationships become better and life becomes happier.

Too often it is just requires too much effort to reframe.  Quite honestly, we just want to be pissy.  Too much resentment or anger has built up and a simple reframe just seems impossible.  It is when we reach this point that reframing seems impossible that we need to reframe all the more…that anger and resentment is only hurting us. It is making us miserable, sucking our energy and hindering our ability to be happier.

I guarantee if you can slowly start chipping away at that negativity, slowly start seeing the world from a different lens, the picture becomes brighter and the frame becomes prettier.

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