The Beauty of Baby Steps

A few weeks ago, my nearest and dearest and I were flipping through the channels and came across the  movie What About Bob? I am always entertained by movies that depict the therapeutic relationship–and this movie does an especially funny job of showing therapy gone very very wrong (as you can hear in the clip above). The psychologist in the movie played by Richard Dreyfuss has a therapy principle he calls baby steps–he has even written a book about it.  The idea of baby steps is based on the belief that any true change takes place with small, tiny steps.
Ever since seeing the movie the phrase baby steps has popped up a few times in my life and my practice.  (Isn’t it amazing how that happens!!) Baby steps is another way of saying all change is incremental–which is a favorite phrase of a mentor of mine and one I have used frequently in this blog.  Too often when people think of making a change (especially a career change) they get overwhelmed by the giant steps necessary to begin the process.  They get stuck worrying about making a wrong choice, making less money or all the various what-if’s that go along with finding a new career.  In reality all change requires baby steps.  It is amazing how with just a few simple changes you can start the ball rolling slowly down the hill and before you know it the momentum of change has taken over.
Baby steps include taking an assessment to see what careers might fit you, researching different careers on-line, or reviewing your budget and seeing how much money you HAVE to make in order to survive the lifestyle you truly want.  You don’t need to quit your job with no plan (although that definitely works for some people).  Or spend all your free time finding your perfect career.  You can just start taking baby steps, little steps that lead you down the path to change.
Frequently our ego stops us from making any changes before we even get the chance.  Our ego tells us you can’t do that, or fills our brain with fear and doubt.  When you practice baby steps you can slowly get your brains use to the idea that change in small doses is ok.  Just because you take an assessment, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to quit your job.  You are merely researching–merely checking out your options.  Slowly over time, we you take one baby step after the other, you look back and see you have made major change–you just weren’t noticing because of all the baby steps!!
What one baby step are you going to take today to start live the life of your dreams??
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