The 60 Second Experiment

The 60 Second Experiment

A few months ago,  I was meeting with my therapist (Yep, I too regularly meet with my therapist because I am a HUGE believer in consistently getting guidance and insight) and she said to me, “What if you just took a 60 second vacation throughout the day, a chance to stop, breathe and gather?” and then she preceded to sit there for 60 seconds in silence.

I remember looking at her in shock, thinking, “what is she doing?” She expects me to sit here in silence, is she really doing this?”

And then I relaxed into it. I closed my eyes, I breathed and I settled myself.  It was a great reminder (which we all need). A 60 second vacation    creates a natural pause in the day decreases anxiety, helps with stress and allows us to ground with ourselves. It is also something that initially feels like HELL.  Your brain FREAKS OUT and you don’t know what to do with all those time and space.  Suddenly 60 seconds feels like an eternity. Gradually you settle down (it might feel like 10 hours but probably around the 10 second mark) and your body and brain take a noticeable ‘ah’ and you see the magic.  You feel the beauty.

So I have embedded a 60 minute timer. And I challenge you to press play and just sit.  Just BE. AND because 60 seconds of quiet time is a can feel like an eternity here are some suggestions for what you can do in that time. Go ahead. Press play. I challenge you and it will rock your world.

Take some deep breathes

Get in touch with your senses:
What do you hear?
What do you feel?
What do you smell?
What do you see?

Using your senses what are you most grateful for right now?

Ok ready? Press Play

Changed your life huh?  Ok, so maybe not CHANGE YOUR LIFE–but it did change your psyche in the space of 1 minute. It was a vacation for your anxiety.  Imagine if you implemented a 60 second break throughout your day or even multiple–how different it would be.

You can set a timer on your phone or computer to go off at certain points in the day–chimes are amazing. And every time you hear the chime take 60 seconds to breathe, relax and just be.

I remember when I was getting married we got married at my parent’s house and the days leading up to the big event my mom and I had a to-do list a mile long and were running around like crazy people. (thanks Mom!!)  In order to get some sort of grip on my stress level I set my phone to chime every hour so I would be reminded to pause, breathe and remember why I was doing this event. So every time it chimed I would yell, “DING, time to breathe” and my mom and I would stop what we were doing and breathe.  It was silly, it was goofy and it did help.  On the morning of our wedding I receveid a text from my soon to be husband that simply said “DING” to serve as a reminder, relax baby we got this–to this day one of my favorite texts.

I would love to hear from you, Honestly, what was this experience like for you? How hard was it for you to pause for 60 seconds?  Did you initially want to resist it?

Ok, seriously, if you didn’t push play go back and do it now.  It WILL change your life.