Starting a Movement

In the world of small business marketing, the idea of ‘Starting a Movement’ is suggested as a way to create buzz around a business.  For the past few months, that phrase has been cycling around in my brain.  I like the idea of starting a Movement, not a Movement as in a protest or demonstration.  But a Movement as in seeing a change that needs to be made in the world and recognizing my unique gifts and how I, little ol’ me, can start living that change on a daily basis. Through my actions, reaction, responses, desires, activities change begins to happen. So today, I think we should all start a Movement in our lives–start recognizing what we offer to the world that is a rare, wonderful gift and combing that with the change we see that is needed.

So my next question to myself was what is my Movement?  And of course I thought it is to help people Live Happier–but that seemed pretty broad. I think on a large scale that is my goal but there are many, many facets to Living Happier, there isn’t one 10 step process to it because it varies by person.  Then last night laying in bed (I swear right before I fall asleep or as I take a shower I get the best ideas!!) I decided my Movement is to offer Genuine Acceptance.  One of my gifts is my ability to genuinely accept people where they are in their process (which is one reason I became a therapist!).  I also decided, the world needs more love and acceptance.  People need more genuine validation for who they are and what they dream about.  People need to feel it is ok to share their dreams their stories, they need permission to be their genuine selves.  So I am going to start a Movement of Genuine Validation or Genuine Love and Acceptance.  In reality, I believe I already offer this gift to those in my world, clients, friends, family.  But in my Movement I am going to be more intentional about it with strangers, and acquaintances.  I am going to start really noticing where I can add more validation for people, more acceptance for who they are and allow them to trust their own voice bit by bit.

So of course I am going to ask you what is your Movement?  What small gift do you bring to the world that you would like to be more intentional about.  Maybe it is your ability to cook, to garden, to knit, to listen, to speak, to buy appropriate gifts, to organize stuff, to be present, to make movies.  I believe we all have a unique perspective, a unique way of looking at the world and we need to start sharing that within our Movements.  I think of Julia Child who’s Movement was that more people need to learn about the Joy of French Cooking and so she spent her life sharing that Movement  Maybe your Movement is that we all need to know about being a great pet owner and so as you go through your life you demonstrate that gift in the actions you have with your pet and the way you interact with other people’s pets.  Or maybe your Movement is that we need to start living healthier so you show that in how you eat, how active you are in your life and what you cook for your family and friends.

Starting a Movement allows you to figure out what is important to you, what you value, what you see as a change needed in the world and then start implementing it.  It is a way to empower us to make a change. All change is incremental, all change starts with us.  Change occurs slowly, like water wearing down rocks, it doesn’t have to be a large brutal force. It just needs to be smooth, consistent and persistent.

If we all started living our unique gift, living our desired change, living our Movements–we would all Live Happier.
What is your Movement??