Episode 120: The 3 Steps of A.S.K.: Slow Down And Get Into Your Body

To deal with the Monger, you have to get out of your head and get into your body. 

Most of us live predominantly in our heads. We literally aren’t even aware that we have a body unless it starts to hurt, and then we just take a pill to make it better. Our Monger takes up a lot of space in our heads, so the more time we spend in our heads, the more we stay out of our body and the louder our Monger gets.

Last week I introduced A.S.K. and talked about the first step: Acknowledge your Feelings. If you missed it please go back and give it a listen. 

This week we are talking about the second step: Slow Down and get into your body. 

When we hear our Monger talking and berating us or our BFF judging other people or sabotaging us, the goal is to bring in the voice of Biggest Fan. 

One key to channeling your Biggest Fan is getting into your body. When we can slow down and get into our bodies, we change our perspective. By changing our physical presence, we can see more options and the last step – Kindly pull back to see the big picture – can happen with greater ease.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How accomplishment and drive can take up the same space as slowing down and intentional living
  • How to create a practical meditation practice that will actually work for you even if you’re not a “super meditator”
  • What the research has to say about slowing down and the mind-body connection
  • And some tips for practicing the Slow Down and getting into your body when it is the last thing you want to do


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