Episode 123: Helping Women Design A Life They Love While Avoiding Burnout With Rebelle’s Shannon Siriano Greenwood

Episode 123: Helping Women Design A Life They Love While Avoiding Burnout With Rebelle’s Shannon Siriano Greenwood

We have all heard this story: 

A woman has hit rock bottom. She is burnt out and is experiencing her dark night of the soul. Cornered by life, she feels like she has nowhere to turn.  

And then, miraculously, she has some major ah-ha moment–lightning strikes and everything is fixed. Birds sing, everyone breaks out into song, and the struggle is gone.  

I used to be addicted to these transformational stories. 

These stories gave me hope that permanent change was possible. That one day I would be healed. I would be perfect. 

The truth is, these stories of sudden transformative change keep us trapped and miserable. They feed us the lie that if we are still it is because something is wrong with us. They tell us that we haven’t suffered enough or that we haven’t been good enough to be transformed.

My guest today, Shannon Siriano Greenwood, went through burnout–she hit her rock bottom and was able to climb back out. But her story is far from simple. It isn’t wrapped in a bow and it isn’t a song and dance number. 

Shannon is the founder of Rebelle, a membership organization that brings together women of diverse backgrounds and industries, and Rebelle Con, a boutique conference about wellness, money, community, and creativity. Both of these programs grew out of what Shannon learned going through her own dark night of the soul experience. 

Shannon is committed to change and to mental health as an on-going daily practice. As you will hear, some days she nails it and some days she has a lot of room for growth. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Shannon’s friends and family did not say anything even though they thought she was pushing too hard
  • What Shannon learned about support and friendships and the struggle to make friends as adults
  • How to manage your energy as an introvert when you are trying to build new relationships
  • How to set boundaries when you have not only a fear of missing out but a fear of hurting people
  • And what Shannon tries to do on a daily basis to help her striveaholic ways 


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