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Rinse and Repeat: This is a Process

This is it–the last in my 7 part series on How to Find the Work that Makes your Heart Sing. If you have missed them or if you just want a refresher–the first 6 ways (in no particular order) to find the work that makes your heart sing are here:

Having A LOT of Self Compassion
Getting Creative
Facing your Fear
You Can’t Do it Alone.

The 7th tip is Rinse and Repeat

This is a process. Unfortunately, it is not a plug-and-play game where you punch in your skills, interests, values and out comes your ideal work.  It is not follow these 7 rules and I guarantee you will figure out your ideal work.  Because we are human, we are complex and emotional.  We have doubts, fears, insecurities, and rooted belief systems that keep us questioning and stuck.  We have kids, bills, sick parents and a myriad of responsibilities.

This is your life, which is an on-going, constantly changing, entity.  So finding that work that makes your heart sing, is challenging, exhausting and can be down right hard.  AND it is exhilarating, life altering, and game changing.  Doing the work that makes your heart sing is why we are here.  Figuring out how to life the best life possible, how to share your gifts and life from your heart is, in my opinion, the point.

I confess I hesitated to put this in as one of the 7 because I want to be able to say it is easy, I want to offer the plug and play game.  However, I KNOW from my personal experience and from watching my clients there is no magic pill, or easy solution.  This is an on-going process of spiraling up and checking back in.

Even this week, I sat in the back yard with my nearest and dearest as he worked in the yard chatting with him about my work, re-evaluating, checking-in with myself and what makes my heart sing.  I was checking in with myself, because my life circumstances have changed, my values are different, I have grown…so to has my work.

I can guarantee, if you live your life from the concept that finding the work that makes your heart sing is an process of these 7 ideas on repeat you will LIVE AND WORK HAPPIER.

So there you have it—my 7 ways. Let me know what your think…send me an e-mail at or just leave a comment below!!

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