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One Step at a Time

Living Happier is something I strive for every day. Something I work on with my clients. Something that I feel is my mission in life–to help people Live Happier.  I like the term ‘live happier’ because it is my belief that life is like a spiral and we keep spiraling up. We never really reach the place of pure happiness.  We might have moments and as we spiral up those moments become more and more frequent but happiness is not a pure attainable state.

Additionally, life is hard, and occasionally it throws challenges our way:  sickness, grief, break-ups, bad weather, major and minor inconveniences.  Lately, I feel as if everyone around me clients, friends, and family are dealing with one of the major challenges of life.  So how can we be living happier when there is so much grief and pain in the world?  And my answer, the one that keeps me getting up, out of bed and motivated to go to work is one step at a time.  We live happier by making that our goal. By putting one foot in front of the other and trying every day to see the little wonders in the world.  Yes, there might be major problems in our lives there might be grief and pain and hurt. AND in the midst of that there are little pieces of happiness:   my dog chewing with reckless abandon on her KONG (as she has been for the past 30 minutes) in pure joy, or the joy of getting to take a nap this morning, or the thrill of having good friends who listen and care and will let me just come to their house and veg out and watch a movie.

The point is Living Happier is a process and a choice.  It is making the choice each day to get up out of bed and greet the day, to face our pain and suffering AND look for the tidbits of joy.  So even if you aren’t happy right now, even if you are dealing with financial problems, or losing a spouse or a major health crisis,  put one foot in front of the other and breathe.  Feel the pain and look for the joy and slowly but surely you will Live Happier.