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Live Happier Tip: Drink Water

Last week I ran into a friend of mine who has attended a few of my seminars.  She said she had been reading my blog and had noticed that I hadn’t put up her favorite tip of mine–drink water.  I was a little shocked because to me this tip seems pretty boring.  But I admit that frequently people share that this tip has helped them feel better and live happier.  So I decided to include it as this week’s live happier tip:  Drink Water.

There is much debate about how much water we should drink–I know you have seen those giant containers that hold 64oz of water because we are supposed to drink 8-8oz glasses of water.  However, as with most things, it is my belief that we just need to listen to our bodies.  I personally–drink more than 64 oz of water a day.  Water just makes me feel better. I know when my head gets fuzzy, I feel tired/sluggish, I am hungry usually I just need water.  I wake up every morning and drink a large glass of water, and I immediately feel more awake.  It has been said that most of us walk around dehydrated because we aren’t drinking enough water–we think we are hungry or tired when we are just thirsty.

As with any new addition to our lives–we need to establish rituals around it.  So maybe if you aren’t a water drinker you need to make a ritual that you will drink a large glass of water before every meal or every morning you will drink water before your cup of coffee.  As you start adding times to drink water into your life–pay attention to how your body feels before and after you take a drink. I guarantee you will feel better.

Make it fun–drink it out of a fancy glass, or add flavoring like a lemon or crystal light or mint. Most importantly pay attention to the beauty of water–to how your body feels when you add this easy, economical gift to your life. I guarantee you will live happier.

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