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Life is like a Jar of Peanut Butter

The other day my nearest and dearest and I were talking about peanut butter.  Really we were talking about all the various types of peanut butter that are available these days vs. when we were growing up.  When I was little you could get creamy or crunchy.  I can vaguely remember when they came up with the peanut butter and jelly combo in one jar–but other than that it was pretty basic.  Today you can get creamy, crunchy, natural, sugar-free and low fat.  Not to mention the various other ‘butters’:  almond butter, cashew butter and even sunflower seed butter!!  And we haven’t even tapped in to all the brand names and butter makers.

So what does the addition of all sorts of peanut butters have to do with working happier you ask?  Well in our home all things lead to careers–and this one actually came from my nearest and dearest.  As we were standing in the living room discussing how far butters have come he turned to me and said ‘it’s like careers!’  And I looked puzzled at him and he went on to explain how when we were younger the ‘career options’ were equally as limited (Especially for women but I’m not going to get in to that in this blog) Growing up we could be nurses, teachers, fire fighters or doctors.  Our options were more limited:  we could be salespeople, mail people, veterinarian or dentists.  At that point, massage therapists, counselors, life coaches, SEO experts or holistic healers either didn’t exist or weren’t well known.

Unfortunately we still get stuck in creamy vs. crunch we still limit ourselves to what we knew as a child. But today we have more variety, more options and more choices.  If you allow yourself to dream big and look beyond the standard every day job options we can find new/different jobs that might make your heart sing.

The beauty of living and working happier is being open to the variety that is available to us.  When we can get beyond the ‘standard options’ we can expand our thoughts, expand our options and therefore expand our lives.

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