Coach in Your Pocket: Just Checking In


Well, here we are. Living through a pandemic.

So many unknowns. So much uncertainly. And there is no right way to deal with this. In short, your Monger is having a field day.

As the reality of this extraordinary long-term crisis sets in, you are probably starting to find that your normal coping mechanisms (hustling, pushing, overachieving, and powering through) are not sustainable.

We have to give our bodies and mind a rest.

The catch is, rest is the last thing people with High Functioning Anxiety want to do.

It is natural to want to take care of all our loved ones.
It is understandable to feel the pressure to tackle all the projects you have been procrastinating on.
It is hard to block out the endless chatter in your head about all. the. things.

But it is time to be loyal to you, to remove the facade, to face your high functioning anxiety, and to navigate this storm just as you are. 

And it may be time to reach out for support to ease your anxiety, to decompress from the pressure of being surrounded by family at all times, and maybe to just simply help you stay sane!

But if you are like many of my coaching clients, finding the time and quiet space (let alone any space!) for a 60-minute coaching session over the phone or on video just isn’t doable right now.

Which is why I am offering a mini version of my Coach in Your Pocket program to help those of us who have high functioning anxiety during this pandemic. I am calling it Just Checking In, because that is exactly what it is.

When you sign up for Just Checking In, you can reach out to me literally any time through an app on your phone, so you can get immediate support and encouragement whenever you need it.

There is something so healing about talking to a trusted confidant, someone outside of your inner circle who can be completely objective, non-judgemental, and empathic.

Someone who knows first-hand how our “new normal” presents a unique set of challenges for those of us with high functioning anxiety.

Imagine being able to reach a trusted, knowledgable expert in high functioning anxiety at any time of day, any day of the week. Imagine not having to wait until your scheduled session to vent, ask questions, get clarification, and celebrate victories.

Nothing too intense, nothing too coachy. It’s simply a chance for you to verbalize your frustrations, and talk through what’s most pressing, and have a neutral third party in your corner.

“I can’t imagine going through this time without being able to check-in. Thank you so much for having this service. It provides a lifeline for me in the midst of anxiety and fear.”
— Thirty-something female

The truth is, being the go-to person, always striving for perfection, and plowing ahead at a feverish pace has helped you keep your high functioning anxiety at bay. And now those behaviors just aren’t working anymore. Your anxiety keeps creeping in more and more. It is permeating everything.

Stop ruminating, over-analyzing, and worrying “you will be found out.”

Recognize when your high functioning anxiety has taken over the driver’s seat and know what to do next.

We are all in this together.

How it works

Throughout the month, you have unlimited access to me 24/7. You can leave me a voice or text message through an easy-to-use messaging app on your phone called Voxer and I will respond during my office hours, Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm Eastern.

Having this type of instant access will give you a powerful level of support to help you through this uncertain time.

You can Vox me daily (or as often as you like) to share when…

  • you have wins and successes.
  • your anxiety goes sky-high.
  • your anxiety is at a low buzz.
  • you are feeling restless and don’t know why.
  • you want my feedback or encouragement.

We are all seeking ways to adapt and pivot during this continuously evolving crisis, and Just Checking In is my way of doing just that.

Rather than a 3-month commitment to completely re-group on your anxiety, this Just Checking In version of Coach in Your Pocket is a simple month-to-month program geared to helping you stay sane during this time. Because honestly, that’s hard enough right now.

You will still have unlimited access to me but for only $450/month. And there is no commitment—you have the option to renew or cancel at the end of each month.

Ready to get started?

First, let’s make sure this program is a good fit for you. Just click the link below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me before you sign up.

It is extremely powerful to have professional advice and wisdom every single day. Being able to get support in real time on anything I am worrying about or having panic attacks about or struggling with daily has helped me manage my anxiety much better now than I ever have before. I found Coach in Your Pocket just as—if not more—effective as one-on-one sessions.
— Twenty-something female

Is Just Checking In right for you?

My clients tend to fall into one of these categories—do any of them sound familiar?


You already checked all the boxes (or at least most of them), and yet you keep asking yourself, “Is this all there is?” You realize the answer may be internal but have no idea how to get there.


Mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend… The list goes on and on. You are always the go-to person for everyone and everything, and now the emotional and physical toll is starting to show.


You have done therapy, you know your past and your patterns (well, most of them), but you still keep getting stuck. You know why you feel this way, but you don’t know what to do about it.

“This is a completely different approach to coaching… I have unlimited access to Nancy through an app that allows me to leave her voice or text messages anytime I need some guidance. The app is convenient and easy to use, and knowing I have this immediate access makes me feel like I’m not navigating through it on my own. Since working with Nancy, I can now recognize my anxiety when it starts rising and can intervene and reign it in.” 
— Fifty-something female

Still not sure if Just Checking In is a good fit for you?

Meet your coach

Nancy Jane Smith, MSEd., LPC is a licensed professional counselor and trainer. She graduated with her BA in Psychology from Miami University and earned Masters of Science degrees in both Counseling and Higher Education from the University of Dayton.

With 13 years in private practice and more than 20 years working as a counselor and coach, Nancy has established herself as an expert in High Functioning Anxiety. Combining her years of research, countless hours working with clients, and first-hand experience in her own life, Nancy developed the Happier Approach, a three-step system to help you motivate yourself, accomplish your goals, and be kind to yourself. Really, it is possible!

Nancy is the creator and host of The Happier Approach podcast and has written three books on living happier, most notably The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your Goals.