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It’s Not Just About Career

This is a re-print of an article that I wrote for my newsletter this week. Enjoy!!  Click here to sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter. 

I adore being a career counselor, it is my calling, my gift and my passion. Helping people figure out what makes their heart sing and then guiding them down the path to achieving it is an amazing career.
Honestly people come see me for a variety of reasons, they are unhappy in their jobs, fed up by their job search, frustrated by their career path or just downright unhappy. Regardless of why, people are unhappy in their careers and so they seek out help. But what I have found is life is not a series of silos. We aren’t divided into career, family, personal relationships, or friendships. We are all connected, if we are unhappy at work we are probably unhappy at home. If we have low confidence at work we probably take some of that home (whether through stress, exhaustion or anxiety). So our lack of fulfillment in our career effects all areas of our life. Therefore when people are not working happier they are not living happier. Their desire to come see me is not JUST about their career. It is my job as a career counselor to help people live and work happier in their career while also seeing the big picture that life is inter-connected.

To that same degree, frequently finding the perfect job or right career is only one-quarter of the battle. It is a fabulous exciting time full of self exploration, dreaming big, looking at values, passions and somedays. And then we find it, we figure out what would make your heart sing. Then the true work begins. This time is when people start diving into their job search, working on your resume and/or applying to grad schools. That is when people start battling the fear monger, the self doubt, the low confidence and anxiety that comes up.

When I first started my career counseling practice, I only worked with helping people figure out what makes their heart sing. I didn’t work with resume, job search or grad school applications. And then I realized, my clients were only getting a quarter of the way to Living and WOrking Happier. Much of the tough stuff comes up once the decision is made. The challenges arise after we figure out what makes your heart sing.

Career Counseling is so much more than just figuring out your next career. It is determining what you value, what you are passionate about, what makes your heart sing. It is facing the fears, doubts and ‘what-ifs’ to find a job that your a passionate about. It is about building a support system, life balance and a self care system. It is about having a guide, advocate and counselor help you through the entire process. It is about Working AND Living Happier!!

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