Episode 122: How To Implement A.S.K. When There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day

Episode 122: How To Implement A.S.K. When There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day

For many years I believed that I could fix my High Functioning Anxiety 

I thought that if only I could find the right way to do it, that if I just found the right hack, I could be healed. 

But this isn’t how it works. The truth is that we will never be done with our High Functioning Anxiety.  There isn’t a hack that can fix everything. Yes, we can loosen its grip and live a life without it controlling everything but it takes work. 

High Functioning Anxiety is an on-going issue and learning to live with it is a daily process. 

In December we talked about the 3 characters that play in our minds – the Monger (inner critic), the BFF (the voice of false self-compassion), and the Biggest Fan (the voice of kindness and wisdom) – and about how when we hear our Monger talking and berating us, or our BFF judging other people or sabotaging us, the goal is to bring in the voice of Biggest Fan. 

All this month we have been talking about how to do that.  In the past 3 episodes, I introduced A.S.K. and talked about the 3 steps: Acknowledge your feelings, Slow Down and get into your body, and Kindly pull back and see the big picture. 

And as I have said before, A.S.K. is more nuanced than just doing these 3 steps.

So today I wanted to bring back Abby and hear how she implements A.S.K. around a common problem that I hear from just about everyone: what do we do about the issue of “not having enough hours in the day.”

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How to use the feelings sheet to acknowledge what you are feeling.
  • How to practice staying in your body and bringing in your Biggest Fan whenever you get frustrated. 
  • How to enlist your Biggest Fan into seeing the big picture
  • And the rewards of doing the hard work of not allowing your Monger to run the show.


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