Live Happier Through the Holidays

I love the holidays. Hands down it is my favorite time of the year.

My family has lots of traditions, and I love every one of them. But a few years ago I was feeling burnt out and my High Functioning Anxiety kicked into high gear.

I was tired of saying yes to everything: “Of course, I can bake five dozen cookies for the party!”

And people-pleasing: “Where can I find the perfect gift?”

And perfectionism: “We HAVE to do it this way; it is how we have ALWAYS done it!”

I wanted to do it differently, but I didn’t want the same old advice to take a bubble bath, meditate, or take a break.

I wanted to find real strategies for building more connections, having more peace, and soaking up everything I loved about the holidays.

Which is why I started Live Happier Through the Holidays, a daily note delivered to your inbox each day of the holiday season. 

And before I knew it, my holidays changed.

Just by checking in every day and taking the time to face my High Functioning Anxiety tendencies, I had less anxiety, less overwhelm, and more time to enjoy what was most important to me.

“It’s like you are reading my mind!! This was the perfect little nudge to press pause and see what was really going on.”
– K. S. (2018 participant)

“WOW. You have really nailed me to the tree on this High Functioning Anxiety stuff. It is so good to know I am not the only one. Thank you for doing this and helping me get through the holidays this year.”
– K. H. (2018 participant)

Here is how it works:

Each morning from November 27th through December 25th (but you can sign up and join us anytime), you will receive a note from me in your inbox filled with practical tips to reduce anxiety and stress so you can live happier this holiday season.

Think of it as a daily message from your Biggest Fan.

  • Bring back the joy of the holidays and cut back on the hustle.
  • Stop white-knuckling through the holidays and instead savor them with the people you love the most.
  • Reduce the drama, anxiety, and consumerism of the holidays and remember why you love the holidays so much.

My gift to you. 29 days of wisdom and grace delivered to your inbox so we can remember why we love the holidays so much.

You don’t have to white-knuckle your way through the holiday season. You can do it with more grace and calm.

It’s a wrap!

Live Happier Through the Holidays is closed for this year, but please sign up for my email list to receive my Sunday newsletters and be the first to hear about launches and new ways to work with me.

“I made a note to come back and reread this email during the holidays. I will probably keep coming back to it from time to time even after. Thank you for your inspiration!”
– S. P. (2018 participant)

“Thank you so much for helping me with living happier through the holidays!
You have been such an inspiration to me and your thoughts have been so comforting in every way everyday this month.
I am living happier and differently this season by appreciating friendships in a new way and by asking for help when I need it. And along the way, you have been my guardian angel!”
– J. L. (2018 participant)