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Day Forty-Two: This Doesn’t Have to be Goodbye

Day Forty-One: Burning Bowl Ceremony

Day Forty: Loyalty to Self

Day Thirty-Nine: Doing Resolutions Differently

Day Thirty-Eight: Being Kind to Yourself

Day Thirty-Seven: Us Vs Them

Day Thirty-Six: Regrouping

Day Thirty-Five: 5 Senses Meditation

Day Thirty-Four: Practice A.S.K.

Day Thirty-Three: The Power of Empathy

Day Thirty-Two: Slow Down

Day Thirty-One: There is No Reward

Day Thirty: Anxiety Strategy

Day Twenty-Nine: You Aren’t 8 years old.

Day Twenty-Eight: 90 Seconds

Day Twenty-Seven: When Mongers Affect Your Family

Day Twenty-Six: Hustling Isn’t Necessary

Day Twenty-Five: You Got This

Day Twenty-Four: The Spoons Analogy

Day Twenty-Three: First Thought Wrong

Day Twenty-Two: Slowing Down

Day Twenty-One Making Changes to Traditions

Day Twenty: Listing Your Failures

Day Nineteen: The Shoulds of the Holidays

Day Eighteen: A Longer Holiday Season

Day Seventeen: Irritability

Day Sixteen: The Need for Rules

Day Fifteen: Feelings

Day Fourteen: Curse of Empathy

Day Thirteen: Overthinking and over worrying

Day Twelve: Multi-tasking

Day Eleven: Perspective

Day Ten: Disappointment

Day Nine: Not Feeling Holly Jolly

Day Eight: Expectations

Day Seven: Stay in Your Own Car

Day Six: Holiday Negatives

Day Five: Joy

Day Four: Managing Energy

Day Three: How do you want the Holidays to feel?

Day Two: Gratitude

Day One: Welcome


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