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Providing practical, everyday strategies for reducing the power of our Mongers, decreasing our stress and increasing our productivity.


My Philosophy

There is so much out there about how to reduce stress. Eat right, meditate, drink water etc. It isn’t that we don’t know HOW to reduce stress it is that we aren’t implementing the strategies to reduce stress.  Much of our stress is caused by how we talk to ourselves the voice of our Monger (inner critic) compounds our already stressful lives. My philosophy provides practical, everyday strategies for reducing the power of our Mongers, decreasing our stress and increasing our productivity.

My Talks:

The Happier Approach: How to be Kind to Yourself and Still Accomplish Your Goals:

Here’s the thing.  We KNOW that stress is bad for us.  We KNOW that stress increases anxiety and decreases productivity. We also know what to do about it. This is not your typical reducing stress talk. In this workshop, I get to the heart of WHY we aren’t engaging in stress-reducing activities (it’s not because we don’t know what they are) and what we can do about it.  The go-go-go mentality is an epidemic in our culture and this topic will provide a fresh counter-intuitive perspective that works. Based o the book: The Happier Approach: How to be Kind to Yourself and Still Accomplish Your Goals.

Through this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recognize their go-to stress stories and behaviors
  • Learn the 2 voices that keep us stuck in a pattern of stress and anxiety
  • Have a common language to discuss their stress with co-workers.
  • Learn how to reduce stress by calling on their Biggest Fan.

Building Resilience: How to Grow and Learn from Feedback/Criticism:

 Criticism and Feedback can be key in helping us grow as leaders. Even knowing that criticism and feedback is helpful, it can be hard to take in because our first response is to shut down or deflect it.  Growth requires a dedication to the cause, a support team, self-knowledge and strategies for moving beyond shut down and deflect.

Through this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the arena they want to show up in and why it is so important to them.
  • Identify their support people who they need on their team to help process the feedback.
  • Name their go-to defense mechanisms.
  • Regroup and learn from criticism.


“I had the pleasure of listening to you and you opened my eyes to the way I abuse myself on the daily! Thank you for helping me realize that I need to start being more kind to myself and not beat myself up for my evil thoughts about work days and that they are actual, real life, acceptable emotions! You spoke to me (both literally and figuratively!) and for the first time, I’m now paying attention to the voices playing tug of war in my brain! Keep showing up on people’s work days even if they are secretly bitter about it! Because someone (or maybe lots of someones) will be changed by what you have to say.” -J.M

“Thank you so much and I found your speaking style to be entertaining yet truthful.” -Faticia

“Thought-provoking yet you gave some quick, easy to begin with strategies for change.” -Vicki

“Such wise words…you made me think about stress in a completely different way.” -Joan


Nancy’s Bio:

Nancy has been speaking for almost 20 years for corporations and non-profits as both a keynote and workshop facilitator. She brings a light-hearted down to earth style. With lots of humor and practical strategies to make real change. Her belief is we know how to reduce stress we just aren’t doing it. Her goal is to help individuals bring more kindness into their lives so they can stress less.

Nancy has two Masters Degrees from the University of Dayton, one in Higher Education and one in Community Counseling.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with eleven years in private practice and a total of 18 years working as a counselor/coach. She has written three books with tips, lessons, and stories on Living Happier The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your GoalsLiving Happier. Juice Squeezed, Lessons Learned in a Quest to Live Happier and This Stuff is Hard, Making Peace with Your Anxiety, including working as a career counselor at Otterbein College and Capital University before getting her Masters in counseling.  She is certified in both Myers-Briggs® and Strong Career Assessments®. In 2015, she became a certified Daring Way™ Facilitator based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

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