The Happier Approach Mentoring Community

Happier Approach Mentoring Community

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your library is full of self-help books.
  • Your Instagram feed is filled with motivational sayings, and you have listened to every personal growth Ted talk or viral video on Facebook.
  • Yet, you still find yourself being attacked by that nasty inner voice, feeling anxious and wishing you could just feel happy.
  • You know change isn’t easy and you are tired of just reading about change. You want to actually make some changes.
  • You wish there was a place you could go when you get stuck, feel lost or discouraged. You wish there was a place you could go where like-minded people would support you and help you get back on track.

That is why I created the Happier Approach Mentoring Community.

The Happier Approach Mentoring Community is a place where you can come when you need a boost, guidance or want to share a victory!

You are tired of talking about change you want to actually MAKE a change.

You have read the self-help books (Hell, your shelves are full of them) and this time you want to do more than just post inspirational quotes on Instagram. You want to be living those quotes. The Happier Approach Mentoring Community provides a framework where change can happen. One thing you know for sure is that change isn’t easy. That is why you have been avoiding it all these years. Change is possible with support and the Happier Approach Mentoring Community provides a safe place to share when you hit the inevitable snag.

You want REAL talk.

You don’t want a space that is full of fluff and rah rah rah cheerleaders. AND you don’t want a space full of victims and complainers.  You want people taking action in their lives, sharing real-life struggles and celebrations. You want to get support around how to deal with a disappointment at work, how to speak up to your friend or what to do when you are in the middle of a full-on Monger attack.

You want specific, personalized support.

You don’t just want to learn new things you want to implement them into your everyday life. You want strategies that fit YOUR life not just generic one size fits all approaches.

You like the idea of an online community but are nervous about Facebook.

I intentionally created this community OFF of Facebook so you know that your data and information is 100% secure. And extra bonus you won’t get drawn into the time-suck vortex that Facebook tends to be. You can come and share specifically about your Happier Approach work, get the support you need and then move on to your day.

I created this community because after years of being in personal development I know the #1 way to make lasting change is through on-going support.


  • Ask a question and get an answer to your particular situation.
  • Talk with people who have a shared vocabulary and who are also on a quest to change.
  • Celebrate a win or share a disappointment.
  • Get real-time support and answers.


  • Exclusive access to a beautiful private online community where you will have access to me and other like-minded individuals so you can share your successes and struggles with quieting your Monger and staying true to your values.  No Facebook here! This is a secure site 100% private created just for the Happier Approach Mentoring Community (no worries of someone stealing your data)
  • Exclusive access to 2 monthly live Q&A webinars: The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (recorded for you to watch whenever you have time).So you can ask questions and get insight into real-life situations in your life.
  • Regular messages from me giving you thoughts about The Happier Approach so you can take focused action and make deliberate changes in your life.
  • Monthly challenges to inspire change and community building
  • Special guests and experts offering their wisdom and guidance on reducing anxiety, overwhelm and quieting the voice of our Monger.


  • This is not personal one-on-one coaching. I offer that here.
  • This is not a quick fix…
  • This is not someone telling you what to do.


This is not a class. This is a mentoring community. An on-going, try it, make a mistake, figure out what went wrong, get back up again kind of community.

The Happier Approach Mentoring Community is closed for new participants. Sign up to our waiting list to be the first to hear about the next iteration of the community or book club. 


Join the community and if after 30 days you aren’t learning and growing in your quest to quiet your Monger and feel less overwhelmed in your life we will refund your money.  If you’re not convinced this community, can help you overcome the obstacles in your way, help you when you are stuck and feeling attacked, or channel your Biggest Fan in the first 30 days, we want to refund your membership fee.

Disclaimer:  This is a coaching program. It is not a therapy/counseling program.