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You’re feeling disconnected from yourself and know that you could be – you should be – living a happier life every day.

on the phone roundedYou’re tired of being anxious and exhausted, chasing the next big thing you’re ‘supposed to’ want, but never feeling content.

I’m here to support you as you find your way to a happier life! You deserve to be less anxious, to live a life full of meaning, to have fulfilling relationships with those closest to you, and, most importantly, to learn to love and trust yourself again.

It gets easier. It gets better. It gets happier!

Stop living your life reacting to what happens to you. It’s time to take back control and get real.

There are a few simple ways we can get started.

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If you feel like you’ve lost yourself and want to feel more confident in trusting your own intuition, my weekly newsletter is custom-made for you, whether you’re a soccer mom who never saw it coming or a businesswoman buried in anxiety and indecision (or both, depending on the time of day!).

Once a week, I send out an e-newsletter with my thoughts and tips on regaining that all-important connection with yourself and learning to take those first steps on the way to a happier life. I’ll give you a glimpse into what’s on my mind at the time, as well as sharing with you some helpful information I think you’ll enjoy, both from my own blog and from others around the web that I find valuable.

Once you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll receive a complimentary gift: the Live Happier 101 Mini Course. This downloadable program will walk you through an examination of what you value most and how you are – or aren’t – honoring the role these values play in your life.

With this course and my weekly missives, you’ll discover what’s most important to you, develop a foundation to make decisions for your life, and will be more empowered to advocate for your own needs. Once you find a way back in touch with yourself, you’ll find that clear direction guiding you toward exactly the future you want is well within reach.

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One-On-One Sessions

If you’re looking for more focused change and one-on-one attention, you can work with me one-on-one. These sessions are designed for women who are ready for the change that comes with personal development. Here, we’ll work together to develop personalized, concrete strategies to decrease anxiety, turn down the volume on your ever-present inner critic, or learn how to set healthy boundaries. Individual sessions provide a way to get to the root of the unique issue that is holding you back from trusting yourself and being real in your own life.

Features: One-on-one sessions with me, 60 minutes twice a month or as desired, and customized, individual (but manageable) homework in order to make sure that real, lasting change will happen
Delivery Method: In-person here in Columbus, Ohio or over phone or Skype from anywhere in the world
Price: $125/hour

This method could be right for you if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety is overwhelming you, and you feel buried by your daily to-do list.
  • Your inner critic is running the show and leaving you doubting yourself.
  • Shame and guilt leave you unable to move forward.
  • You end the day exhausted, wondering if this is all there is.
  • You’ve done what everyone else told you to do to be happy but are still miserable.

pencils circleI currently offer a free 15-minute phone session where we can chat and get a better feel for whether we’re a good fit, so there’s no pressure for you to sign up without talking to me first. If you’re ready to break the cycle of reactivity and take the next step toward a happier, more in-control life, go here to see if this method could be right for you.

Trust Yourself, Already!

If you’re a woman who is ready reclaim your life from anxiety but are turned off by the touchy-feely nature of many self-help programs, Trust Yourself, Already! could be the right next step for you. This group course will help you dissolve worry, reclaim your inner badass, and live happier. You can expect concrete, practical strategies for moving away from past blame and forward into a happier life – and you’ll have fun getting there! This program is designed for women who are ready for the change that comes with personal development and who are not suffering from a significant anxiety disorder, such as panic attacks or disabling anxiety.

Features: Five internet-based training modules, including worksheets and videos
Format: This program is released over a ten-week period. Each module is scheduled for one week of training followed by one week of group meetings via Google Hangouts/Skype to discuss.
Delivery Method: E-course and group meetings via Skype/Google Hangout
Price: $497/person

This program could be right for you if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • You are tired of being a slave to your to-do list and everyone else’s expectations.
  • You feel like you were “sold a lie” about how to live your life and want to try it your way, for a change.
  • You feel lost as to who you really are and how you got here. You never dreamed you would be a soccer mom, yet here you are!
  • You love your kids and your husband but keep feeling like there should be more.

What you’ll get:

  • A deeper knowledge of yourself, including your values, thoughts, feelings, and needs
  • Control over your anxiety, worry, and your inner critic
  • Clear direction on how to set boundaries and ask for what you need
  • A life filled with more genuine smiles and laughter

There is homework involved in this course, so be sure that you’re prepared to make small, manageable changes on a daily basis before signing up. You also need to be prepared to try new things, including laughing at yourself and seeing the world with a little touch of whimsy! If this sounds like the course for you, contact me now to sign up, or go here for more information.