Get Out of Your Rut

Get Out of Your Rut

Today marks the beginning of my 7 day series on the 7 Ways to Find the Work that Makes Your Heart Sing.  So with out further adieu:  Starting with Number 1 (they are in no particular order):

Get Out of Your Rut.

So often we just get stuck in our day to day activities, we build a pattern of getting up, eating breakfast, going to work, coming home blah, blah blah.  Even if that isn’t your particular pattern I would bet you have one.  And to some degree, we need patterns and schedules to make our lives flow easier.  But too frequently we get so stuck in the schedule and the pattern we forget what it is that we really love…what really matters to us…what we are passionate about. We get trapped in the to dos, the obligations, meeting other people’s needs and expectations we forget to look at our own heart and passions.

In order to find the work that makes your heart sign you need to break this rut pattern–break out of your schedule and do something different.

It can be as simple as:

  • taking a different way to work, 
  • stopping for ice cream with the kids after running errands,
  • taking a walk in the middle of your work day
  • trying something new for dinner, 
  • or grabbing your partner and doing a dance in the living room. 

Shake things up!!!  And then pay attention to how that feels–what got stirred up–what emotion, thoughts, ideas came to the fore front.

Or you could be a bit more radical:

  • Taking that class you have been putting off.
  • Going on the vacation you have been dreaming of.
  • Throwing yourself a party.

When we get out of our rut and shift our patterns we can also slowly start shifting our thinking and then eventually our lives.  Changing it up reminds us of what if feels like to take risks, to spontaneously laugh, to the ideas and people that bring us passion and make our heart sing!!!