Get Creative: Merging Your Dreams with Your Reality

Happy Thursday!  Today marks the 4th day of my 7 part series on How to Find the Work that Makes your Heart Sing–we are over half way there!!

So far you have:
Busted Out of Your Rut
Treated Your Life Like a Detective Novel
Had A LOT of Self Compassion

Today’s tip is:

Get Creative: Merging Your Dreams with Your Reality

I have to admit, at first I was going to call this tip Get Practical but then I decided that was too much of a downer AND what I really meant is for us to Get Creative about our lives.  Up to this point you have been dreaming big, looking at your life in new and different ways, figuring out what you value, what you love, what makes you tick and then bringing a lot of self compassion and openness around those ideas.  Today we are going to merge those dreams with the reality of your life.

For example, maybe you decide you love nursing and you really want to go back to school and become a nurse.  But you also have 3 children and a spouse, plus a mortgage, car payment and monthly bills.  You need to keep your full time job to help support your family, full time nursing school is not an option.  But part time is…maybe even 1-2 classes a semester, maybe you can even take them on-line.  Maybe you just don’t have the time, energy or finances for 1-2 classes; so you could volunteer at the hospital or assisted care facility on Saturdays–maybe if your children are old enough you could bring them along.  Or you could start reading books about the medical profession, learning as much as possible about the subject.

My point being….just because you don’t have the time, energy or resources RIGHT NOW for your dream, doesn’t mean you have to give up or are destined to live a life not having your heart sing.  You can merge both ideas–you just need to get a little creative!!

What do you think…how is this process for you.  I would love to hear so feel free to comment below or or send me an e-mail at