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First Step in Working Happier: Believing You Can.

Recently someone said to me “you know, I love reading your blog and I love your message but I really don’t believe it applies to me, I really don’t believe that I can find the work that makes my heart sing”.  I know this person pretty well, and they are one of my biggest fans, frequently telling others about my services and how I can help them, so it was a little disheartening to know that for them personally my message doesn’t apply.  But when I stopped and thought about it, I think that for many of us that is a common action.  We preach the importance of understanding our values, and finding the work that makes us happier, let we aren’t willing to stop and look at our own stuff.  I know I struggle with that from time to time, REALLY practicing what I preach.  Because you know what, this stuff is HARD.  It is hard to be aware, pay attention, communicate clearly and not ignore our thoughts, feelings and needs.

It is also hard to give ourselves enough credit to say, “you know, I am worth the work”.  I am worth the struggle of figuring out what keeps me stuck.  I am worth learning about my values, paying attention to old messages and finally taking the baby steps necessary to make some meaningful changes in my life.  There is an incongruence in the action of preaching one message for others and believing a different one for ourselves.  Bottom line I believe EVERYONE can find have a life they love and enjoy (most of the time). I believe we all will have struggles and times of despair but overall in our lives we can look at our work, relationships and lifestyle and say “I am living happier”.

Living Happier isn’t like winning the lottery, it doesn’t just happen to ‘the other guy”.  Living and Working happier can happen to you, it just requires getting quiet, listening to yourself, answering some tough questions, and unhooking some old beliefs. We all deserve to live and work happier. To find a job that makes our heart sing.

If you are someone that believes finding a life that makes your heart sing is a great idea ‘for the other guy’ stop and ask yourself what is keeping me from believing I deserve to Live and Work Happier?  Is it fear, old negative messages, not thinking outside of the box, or just a non-belief?  First step in being Happier, is unhooking the messages that are telling you it isn’t possible.

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