Finding My Blog Again

Finding My Blog Again

Stuck.  That is how I have been feeling with my blog.  Down right stuck.  I love to write, I love sharing my ideas, I love finding stories that relate to life lessons, I love expressing myself (yes, a bit narcissistic) via my blog.  But lately I don’t love writing my blog.  As witnessed by the rarity of posts over the past few months.  Yes, I was planning a wedding, and going on a honeymoon and settling in to married life (which is what I keep telling myself) but in reality those reasons wouldn’t have kept me away in the past.

So in the way I approach everything when I have a stumbling block…. I started building awareness and curiosity around my blog avoidance. First thing I noticed was the amount of pressure I was putting on myself to write a warm, witty, valuable, applicable and intelligent blog.  To the point that if I felt uninspired to write my blog I basically spent the rest of the day beating myself up for being a terrible career counselor, and uninspired writer, which eventually spun out to giant loser, lazy person who is going nowhere.  So I immediately put the breaks on that chain of thoughts (Whoa!)  First step in stopping the hammer is to notice that it is actually beating you down!!

So I gave myself an intentional break from my blog, allowing me to work on other writing projects and other areas of my business.  In the past couple of weeks I have been uber-productive, developing programs, packages, assignments and a future e-course.  While I haven’t been writing my blog, I have been occasionally been adding some curiosity around my blog asking myself questions like: why is it hard to write there?  what is missing? how can I bring the spark back?  what do I want to write about?

So what did I found out during my blog-break?
1.  Anytime we have to FORCE ourselves to do something or think we SHOULD do it we need to look at what’s really going on.

2.  This is suppose to be fun!!  My little tiny blog that use to take 15 minutes to write in the morning and brought me excitement and joy had become a giant black elephant that hung out in my home office, followed me to work and hung out with me on the couch.  I had built it up to be SO HUGE, no wonder I didn’t want to work on it.

3. I love sharing stories, I love illustrating ideas, thoughts, life lessons through stories.  Somewhere in my day to day life I lost seeing the world through stories,

4. Because of #1 and #2 I was putting WAY to much pressure on myself to write an awesome, insightful, intelligent blog.  And I lost me, I lost my voice, my struggles, my challenges and my lessons. I thought I needed to be the expert the one who had it all together in order to share about living and working happier.  I lost my ability to be vulnerable.
So there you have it my blog experiment has come to a close and I here are the changes you will see on my blog.
1. A commitment to writing 3 times a week–I noticed, one of the reasons I struggled was the less I wrote the less I wanted to write. 
2. A commitment to allowing myself to be more vulnerable, more open sharing more about my life lessons and what I learn as I move through life and as I work through clients trying to live and work happier.
So please bare with me in the upcoming weeks as I find my stride again with blog writing and sharing!  I am excited to see what happens!!
Whew!  I have to admit I feel better, even writing this blog about my blog writing struggles was daunting and scary.  
But I am hoping you can relate, what activity(s) are you avoiding, how do you deal with getting stuck, or in a rut?  I would love to hear!!