Episode 114: Setting New Year’s Resolutions Without The Hype

Eating too much sugar? No problem! In January I will cut back.

Not working out? No problem! In January I will hit the gym.

Postponing our plans for change looks great under the glow of the holiday lights. But when we wake up each year on January 1st, hungover from too much celebrating, realizing with dread, that all of our plans for change in the New Year need to magically start RIGHT NOW, it is a very different story. 

All of the plans that we have been putting off until the New Year are suddenly very real and very pressing. We need to get it together and act before our Monger catches on.

The deadline had arrived.

For people with High Functioning Anxiety, the days leading up to the New Year are days full of possibility. Set the resolution, do the prep work, and, poof like magic, we will be different people. 

No wonder we are so depressed come the first week of January when we realize that the change we want is only going to happen with work and that the work is going to be hard. 

We were so focused on how amazing it would be once the change was done that we didn’t take into account what it would actually take to stop eating sugar or to work out every morning.

We didn’t take into account the process of change.  

Throughout the month of January, we will be discussing this process of change with helpful tips and strategies for making small changes in your life without all the hype. 

Today we will be talking about why resolutions are so triggering and what the research shows for setting helpful resolutions. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why New Year’s can be very anxiety-inducing for people with High Functioning Anxiety
  • What the research actually shows about making resolutions for change in the New Year
  • What we can do about it once we know the research and identify our own tendencies 
  • 5 tips for not falling prey to the romance of New Year’s eve
  • How to embrace this New Year with a fresh outlook, new tools, and–yes–a happier approach. 


High Functioning Anxiety can be at it’s worst around the New Year. Whether it’s your resolutions or everyone else’s, you can feel yourself regularly cycling through scripts that tell you you’re not good enough unless you’re flawless, constantly available, and solving everyone else’s problems.

I’d love to help you embrace this new year with a fresh outlook, new tools, and–yes–a happier approach. I specialize in helping women like you living with High Functioning Anxiety to let go and make peace themselves.

Plus, coaching with me doesn’t have to take up tons of room in your already full schedule.
I work one-on-one with women like you to deconstruct why anxiety creeps up on you and give you something to do about it. Click here to learn more about working with me through on-demand coaching!