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Episode 113: Managing the Long Road Of High Functioning Anxiety With Michelle Steinhour

I can talk about the Voices In Your Head all day long.

I work with clients every day living with High Functioning Anxiety. I live and breathe this language and these techniques.

The Monger, the BFF, Your Biggest Fan–I literally wrote the book

But today I wanted to share the experience of living with High Functioning Anxiety from the perspective of one of my clients.

Michelle Steinhour came to me a few years ago consumed with self-doubt, insecurity and constant questioning. It was showing up in her marriage and in her work. She was looking for practical strategies that would help her feel less doubtful about herself.

I introduced her to my Coach in Your Pocket and Michelle has seen a big shift in her anxiety. But, as she reminds us in today’s episode, it’s a life-long process.

Michelle is in the trenches. She’s making the shifts and doing the work. She’s walking the path of the Happier Approach every day by listening in to the Voices In Her Head and reminding them who’s really in charge. 

In today’s episode:

  • How Michelle manages her BFF and Monger.
  • What she has done to encourage the voice of her Biggest Fan
  • Some of the biggest changes she has seen since hearing from her Biggest Fan more often
  • How the support from her spouse has made a big difference
  • Why planning to have kids has made her love this work even more


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