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Episode 112: The Voices In Your Head–The Biggest Fan

There is a voice in your head. 

She is the voice of kindness, generosity, and wisdom and I call her the Biggest Fan.

Of the 3 characters that are at the core of the Happier Approach, she is the best of all worlds. 

She holds the goals of your Monger (to be safe and secure) without shaming and belittling you. She provides the support and encouragement of your BFF (“you are awesome”) without giving you a free pass to do whatever you want.

Your Biggest Fan always has your back, acknowledges your feelings, can see options, is wise about the struggle, and uses your values as guiding principles. 

Your Biggest Fan is the how

She is the one who will help you achieve your goals and be happier. 

All this month we have been talking about the voices that carry on in your head. If you haven’t already, go back and take a listen:

  • In Episode 110 we talked about how the Monger, that mean voice that shames and belittles you, telling you that you’re not good enough.
  • In Episode 111 we talked about how the BFF has an amazing talent of always being able to justify any behavior and how she shames and belittles other people in your defense.

In today’s episode:

  • How to identify the kind voice of the Biggest Fan even when you don’t think you have one inside you
  • What steps you can take to access the voice of your Biggest Fan
    • Acknowledge what you are feeling
    • Slow down and get into your body
    • Kindly pull back to see the bigger picture
  • What some of the challenges of accessing our Biggest Fan can be
  • How the voice of your Biggest Fan has been silenced for a long time and how she will become louder as you listen to her more and more
  • How to be gentle with yourself and identify that the success you want is a learning process 

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The Happier Approach will help you understand the voices in your head and what to do with them. It’s not another woo-woo self-help book that asks you to think positively and live your best life. It’s a practical guidebook for getting out of survival mode and finding a genuinely happy and productive life.

Know someone who has High Functioning Anxiety and a VERY LOUD Monger, the Happier Approach makes a great gift. 

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