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Episode 110: The Voices In Your Head–The Monger

There is a voice in your head.

It is a horrible voice that tells you that you are a slow, stupid loser who will never succeed. It tells you that everyone but you has it figured out and that at any moment you are going to be found out for the fraud that you are.

That voice in your head? That is the voice of the Monger.

Everyone has a Monger, but those of us with High Functioning Anxiety have an exceptionally loud and nasty Monger.

Many of us aren’t even aware of how much the Monger is talking to us. We know that we are feeling anxious or stressed, but are unaware that it is coming from an internal voice–a voice of belittling, name-calling, and just plain nastiness. 

This voice can viciously chatter at us all day, every day, and we just push through.

There are other voices in your head–the BFF and the Biggest Fan–but of the 3 characters that are at the core of The Happier Approach, the Monger is the loudest of them all. 

That is why we are starting this month series about the voices in our head by talking at length about the Monger and about how she is such an important part of understanding and managing our High Functioning Anxiety.

In today’s episode:

  • Where does the Monger come from?
  • How the Monger is like a first responder whose mission is to keep us safe and how she uses shame, belittling, guilt, and negativity to complete that mission
  • How despite what we think, we don’t need the Monger’s shame and belittling to be successful
  • How the feeling of “enoughness” that we crave will never be found as long as we keep listing to the voice of the Monger
  • Why fighting back against the Monger on her terms doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • And how admitting that we don’t need the Monger’s shame is an important step toward moving past it


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