Episode 109: How To Feel Less Stress During the Holidays

I come from a long, proud line of women dealing with High Functioning Anxiety. And never is this more apparent than during the holidays.

Take my mom, for instance.

She loves the holidays and wants to make them as fantastic and magical as possible. But, as those of us with High Functioning Anxiety will understand, she has a tendency to overperform and over function during the holiday season. And, as a result, the expectations and responsibilities of the festivities can be overwhelming. 

This is why I thought it would be appropriate to conclude this month’s conversation around High Functioning Anxiety in our everyday lives by taking a closer look at how High Functioning Anxiety reveals itself during the holidays.

In the spirit of the season, I am going to explore 4 holiday landmines that can take your High Functioning Anxiety through the roof and offer some tips to help you ease your anxiety and enjoy yourself. 

In today’s episode, 4 Holiday Landmines:

  • Quietly meeting or exceeding everyone else’s expectations of perfect gift-giving traditions
  • Desperately trying to recreate the perfect holiday get-together even when you’re missing loved ones
  • Single-handedly balancing conflicting needs and expectations while you share space with friends and family
  • Anxiously attempting to follow through on unnecessarily high expectations for holiday preparations 

Live Happier Through The Holidays

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