Episode 104: Self-Loyalty Starts With Better Self-Care

Episode 104: Self-Loyalty Starts With Better Self-Care

Recently my husband had an extended hospital stay. 

The number one question I received from my well-meaning friends and family was: How are you going to take care of yourself while he is in the hospital? 

“The best I can,” I told them. But this just did not satisfy their curiosity. 

They wanted to hear about all the bubble baths, yoga, and meditation I had planned for this stressful time. But I knew better. There wasn’t a bubble bath in the world that was going to make this easier. 

My husband was in the hospital. It was going to be stressful. I didn’t know what to expect. The self-help industry’s’ idea of self-care wasn’t going to be any help.  I was simply going to do the best I can.

All this month we are looking at how the self-help industry has sold us a bunch of toxic information. And for those of us with High Functioning Anxiety who love looking outside of ourselves for the answers, this toxicity is especially troubling.

In today’s episode, I take a closer look at self-care and how it isn’t just yoga, bubble baths and breathing apps. Self-care done well is the ultimate in self-loyalty.  

Listen to the full episode to find out:

  • How the idea of self-care has gotten out of control
  • What I believe the 3 main issues of self-care are for people with HFA
    • How we associate busyness and stress with prestige and status
    • How we have made self-care synonymous with self-indulgence
    • How we wrongly believe that we are undeserving of self-care
  • How we can go about building self-loyalty
  • And what we can do to define self-care for ourselves

Some of the research and resources mentioned in this episode:

The solutions the personal growth industry sells leave women living with hidden anxiety–women like you–with more stuff to be anxious about. Even worse, it can turn you off from getting help completely.

I want to help you dial back the overwhelm and overthinking with a set of tools designed just for people like you. It’s not woo-woo. It’s not trying to positively think your challenges away. And I’m certainly not going to tell you to start living your best life.

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