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Digging Deep to Live Happier

Ah January!  I have a love/hate relationship with this month. On one hand it is nice to get back into the routine and relax from the hub-bub of the holidays.  On the other hand it is freezing cold, snowy and gray outside.  I have a sense of feeling trapped inside,even my dog is a bit stir crazy.  Also, it is the start of the new year as I said to a friend yesterday here we are 5 days in and I am exactly the same as I was in 2009!!  I was of course joking, but with the new year there does come some sense that we will dramatically change and shift over night.  And with the new year comes January, a bleak depressing time of the year and the awareness that we potentially have 3 more months of cold.

But this also presents a great lesson in Living Happier–which you know I am always looking for!  Even in the bleakest of times, when we feel trapped inside and tired of grayness we need to be taking care of ourselves.  We need to be finding things that fill up our bucket, feed our souls and give us the little joys.  This time of year we need to dig deep and find those parts of our life that make us happier.  Whether that be watching my dog romp through the snow, taking a new art class, enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, planning a getaway to someplace warm or just pretending it is warm outside while swimming indoors.

So this post is a friendly reminder to myself and you my wonderful readers–let’s be creative, think of those things that feed your soul and start sprinkling them into our lives.

And since we are all on this Live Happier journey together–please share your soul feeders.  What do you add to your life when you are feeling bleak?  What activities/events do you go to fill up your bucket?  This time of year we need all the help we can get.  Thanks for sharing!!